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Reform of Child Support Agency

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nikkib1967 Thu 17-Jun-10 10:47:36

Does anyone know how to or who to contact with regards to lobbying about the reform of the child support agency. I have emailed my loal MP's, councillors and Govet - all a load of tripe if I am quite honest. i am very disillousioned and feel that over the past 12 years my sons' and my voice has not been heard nor supported. I beleive that there does need to be a rdical shake up of the system as my ex has palyed the CSA for far too long....anyone with suggestions I woudl gladly appreciate your advice!

kgh0967 Mon 10-Oct-11 13:38:48

I've just joined today, so my response is probably a little late but like you I am completely frustrated with the CSA. My ex husband has dodged them successfully for approaching 7 years now and I'm still no further down the line. I have written to more MP's, Ministers, Lords than I can count. I have written to both Mr Brown and Mr Cameron with the latter prompting a call from someone claiming to be very important from the CSA but he answered none of my questions. I have thought for a long time that something needs to be done and I have approached local newspapers, breakfast TV and various other avenues but no one is interested. It's even crossed my mind to scale a London tourist attraction dressed as Wonder Women, as it seems to work for some. I've come to the conclusion that because it's just little old me, my voice isn't loud enough. Maybe it takes more of us to make more noise to get noticed.

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