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worriedaboutthekids Thu 11-Aug-05 22:02:49

I recently fell out with my half sister. Quite badly. She had a horrendous row down the pub with my DH and he slapped her face. I was not there. I know, it was extremely wrong, and it was in front of my neices.
Anyway she sent me a message after saying that she wanted nothing to do with us anymore.

She was pissed and told my DH that he & his friend were nonces (this is a small local pub by the way that she was visiting). There was no reason for her to say this whatsoever.

I want to make it very clear that my DH has never hit anyone female in his life. This is the first time.

Problem.......I am glad really that she is out of my life as I found it a struggle to get on with her. But it is one of the kids birthdays soon and I don't know whether to send a card with a tenner in or what.

I don't want her back in my life either, but am not sure whether or not to do this, as we have been involved in the childrens lives for about 5 years. The child will expect this.

Like I said, I don't want this family back in my life at all and I am worried that by sending a card, I am saying that all is good & well.

I have not spoken to her in 3 months and she was the one who said that she wanted nothing to do with us.

CarolinaMoon Thu 11-Aug-05 22:08:44

what a horrible situation for you. And what a very strange thing for her to say to your DH.

If you really don't want the family back in your life, sending cards to them does kind of muddy the waters. How would you feel if your kids got birthday cards from her?

worriedaboutthekids Thu 11-Aug-05 22:26:02

I don't really know. But I am sort of thinking that I really don't want to 'muddy the waters' but my DH says it's unfair to her children to bring them into this row. (Believe me, they got on like wildfire before this)

worriedaboutthekids Thu 11-Aug-05 22:27:31

the half sister & my DH

I sort of think that it's best to let it go. DH thinks I am being cruel (plus he feels really guilty about the slap).

stitch Thu 11-Aug-05 22:28:12

i agree with your husband. its unfair to bring the kids into it.
send the card adressed to the child. not her.

worriedaboutthekids Thu 11-Aug-05 22:28:46

As for the Birthday card for my kids/ hers are on Friday and in a months time. Mine are at the end of the year so I have no precedent.
Am I being horrible to the children

worriedaboutthekids Thu 11-Aug-05 22:33:19

Oh and you are right about this being a very strange thing, she isn't known in my local, but my DH is and someone shouting things like that is not very nice. Also with a small community people are probably thinking bad things about us. I believe that is why he slapped her face. This whole thing is farcical

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