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I sometimes think I don't deserve him............

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QueenOfQuotes Wed 10-Aug-05 22:34:36

Long story, but yesterday morning DH and I had a row about me not having made the shopping list. It blew up, I went outside for 1hr (actually fell asleep while sitting out there LOL) and then made a coffee. He came back out with me and had a go at me. Now we have one BIG rule when it comes to's ok but ONLY in the house/ he broke that.

I got VERY upset threw my coffee on the floor told him to FO and came up here for the rest of the day (literally). This morning we still weren't speaking so I went out at 10.30, went to church for 1hr to practice and then went to see a friend, getting back around 2.30. When he then came up and apologised and we 'kissed and made up'

Anyhow, on both days he'd fed the boys, got the washing off the line, ironed, put the clothes away, been and done some basic grocery shopping, tidied the kitchen, put the bins get the drift - he did everything and MORE than needed doing, took the boys to the park AND managed to do some work in between times.

I did cook dinner tonight and although we made up I do feel a tad guilty about the way I got upset (not helped by the fact than on Monday night he'd thanked me for being so 'strong' during the very tough financial time - well yes I am on the outside but on the inside cr*pping myself). Anyhow, to top it all off he's just come upstairs and given me his last Snickers bar............

Fimbo Wed 10-Aug-05 22:37:14

Awh . My dh has done all the chores tonight and the ironing, because I hurt my back whilst getting the toys out at mother and toddlers yesterday.

haven Fri 12-Aug-05 19:56:22

that is sooo sweet. But, don't feel guilty that what a marriage is, picking up when the other one just can't cope at the moment. your right hand man.

But, hats off to him, because not many men are like that...(mine is though)

MrsGordonRamsay Fri 12-Aug-05 20:00:14

smug emotion

So is mine

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