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marriage crisis!!

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smasher Sat 06-Aug-05 02:31:44

all me and my dh seem to do latley is argue, over anything, kids money, work, house. It now starting to get me down. An old flame approached me in a wedding recently and said i was looking good and asked if i was happy, he is single and made this very clear, i was a bit lost for words and this has made me realise that me ad dh are not doing so well at all.

dizzydo Sat 06-Aug-05 08:36:59

Poor you Smasher but I would be wary about the temptation to rekindle the old flame. Of course its very tempting but presumably you loved dh once and you can probably sort out your issues. Would you consider RELATE they do help if only to give you a medium to talk to each other through without it ending in a shouting match. Good luck

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