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How to deal with this?

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emkana Fri 05-Aug-05 14:01:43

I have a friend who moved 200 miles away about 2 years ago. Since then we've been up there for a weekend, and they have been down her for a weekend (and we've seen each other at a few parties, christenings etc.). They were here in November, so it's sort of their "turn" to invite us. We used to e/mail to stay in touch, but since November the only contact has been Xmas cards, b/day cards and b/day pressies for the children. She writes occasionally "Hope to see you all very soon!", but there hasn't been a proper invitiation. Two weeks ago I sent a b/day present to her son, with a note to her that I would love to meet up with her in the holidays and maybe we could meet up somewhere half-way. Now I've received a thank-you note and a b/day present for my dd2, but with no mention of my suggestion.

Should I take the hint then and not expect any more meet-ups? Which would be a shame, I really like her. Or am I jumping the gun a bit here?

Norash Fri 05-Aug-05 14:06:42

I think you should remind her of the invitation to meet up, good friends or even people we really like and get along with don't come along everyday.

Remind her about it, maybe she meant to say something to you but forgot. We all know how easily that can happen.

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