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Morning breath and sex

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illgetyoubutler Thu 20-May-10 07:09:09

Hate it? Or dont you care?
How do you deal with it?

With a toothbrush and toothpaste.

cyb Thu 20-May-10 07:18:33


Couldn t do it otherwise

overmydeadbody Thu 20-May-10 07:24:26

You or him OP? and cyb too.

Is it your paranoi over your own smell or him?

AnyFucker Thu 20-May-10 07:25:47

DH doesn't have morning breath

I dunno whether I do...he hasn't mentioned it

So mostly, we act like it doesn't exist grin

cyb Thu 20-May-10 07:29:12

us both. I loathe bad breath at any time of the day

overmydeadbody Thu 20-May-10 07:37:07

I'm with AF, bf doesn't have bad breath (in the morning or any other time) and according to him neither do I.

NumberoneSportacusfan Thu 20-May-10 07:40:20

Getting up to brush teeth takes the impulsiveness out of it plus the children would know we were awake.

So we just don't do mouth kissing.

cyb Thu 20-May-10 07:41:11

HOW do you not have morning breath

sarah293 Thu 20-May-10 07:55:25

Message withdrawn

spooning position

schilke Thu 20-May-10 08:10:36

Blimey I'd have to be up at 5:30 for that.

If I did have morning sex I'd absolutlely have to brush teeth first. I'm very sensitive to smell.

ben10isgr8 Thu 20-May-10 08:13:38

no mouth kissing and positions where we are at a safe distance grin

champagnesupernova Thu 20-May-10 08:16:00

<snigger> at fucking uniform

mollybob Thu 20-May-10 08:18:33

Position so that you can't smell it or tell him he only gets it after teeth brushed. Which removes any reticence

LisaD1 Thu 20-May-10 08:33:01

Morning sex? What is that?!

Am jealous some of you have the time and inclination!

Malificence Thu 20-May-10 09:50:49

I have to go to the loo before getting jiggy in the morning ( sensitive bladder) so a quick swill with mouthwash does the trick.wink but generally we've had a cup of tea first, or during grin.

Haven't had morning sex in well over a month though, whereas it's normally once a week or so.sad DH is still suffering - should post about that on the "elephant" thread.angry.

illgetyoubutler Thu 20-May-10 10:00:46

Sorry Mal I've obviously missed something as I'm unsure on last bit of your post.

I'm talking in general overmydeadbody. I strongly dislike DH's morning breath, and I know I have it, although he has never mentioned it. Totally kills morning sex for me. His lips are always really dry in the morning too! I tell him his lips look like shards of glass!!

Anyfucker, I don't believe you cant get morning breath. Perhaps the both of you have tinky breath around the clock, so in actuality, you both dont notice the breath in the morning, as it don't smell any differant.

just a thought wink grin

MoChan Thu 20-May-10 10:07:26

I dunno, my OH doesn't have this 'morning breath' of which you speak (well, maybe occasionally) and he says mine is generally fine.

It's all irrelevant, anyway. DD wakes invariably wakes us up, often long before 6am, with demands for breakfast and to go downstairs, so there is rarely an opportunity for such shenanigans.

WombFrootShoot Thu 20-May-10 10:27:05

tea during sex?


Shodan Thu 20-May-10 10:27:51


It's bad enough having to talk in the mornings, let alone having 'relations'.

So morning breath not an issue here.


Malificence Thu 20-May-10 10:52:29

Drinking tea during sex gives you a hot mouth wink, if you have a cold glass of water to alternate with, it can be quite mind blowing, for either / both of you.
Beats tingle lube.

WombFrootShoot Thu 20-May-10 10:53:29

but...tea? [shocked]

Honestly, Mal, sometimes you go too far.


Malificence Thu 20-May-10 10:55:40

What else you gonna drink at 8am? smile

NinaJane Thu 20-May-10 10:58:47

We can't have morning sex in our bedroom, because we share our room with little people (they are in the 'I'm-too-scared-to-run-down-the-dark-passage-in-the-middle-of-the-night-after-a-nightmare-phase'). We usually slip into the garage and DH has his way with me on the bonnet of the car. The paint and grease smells of the garage masks any other smells that might be around at that time of the morning.

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