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Funny experiences of been dumped?

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kittya Wed 19-May-10 22:33:03

Just reading another thread about someone been dumped by text and I wondered is this common now? What is your experience, funny or otherwise? I was once told how loved I was and the very next day I called him and his phone number had been changed whilst he was flying half way around the world with his other lover!!!

midnightexpress Wed 19-May-10 22:38:09

shock. Some people are such twats aren't they? grin I was once driven to a party in the middle of nowhere (fortunately with another friend too). The gentleman in question proceeded to cop off with someone else and then take her off to a hotel, leaving me and my pal stranded in a field. Fucker. I can see the funny side now but at the time I was not amused.

kittya Wed 19-May-10 22:44:34

My friend once flew over to Paris for a romantic weekend end with her then bf. They travelled separatly and he never arrived!! she couldnt get intouch with him as he also had changed his phone number!! they actually plan this things very well dont they? bloody middle of a field! grin

CelticBanshee Wed 19-May-10 22:47:06

Have been dumped once, was completely in love with him but he was a bit messed up from a previous relationship so decided to end it, he brought me out and told me, I said ok..thanks for being honest, bye now.. then shook his hand


Anyway, we got back together a week later and the rest is history grin

JaynieB Wed 19-May-10 22:52:08

I got dumped by a cute, but much younger man some years ago and my best friend comforted me by saying, 'never mind, just file it under D' - 'what?' said I (through the tears) 'D for DUMPED' she replied and laughed herself silly.
We are still friends.

BertieBotts Wed 19-May-10 23:09:37

I dumped someone by text once blush I didn't mean to - I wanted to do it face to face but we were having a text argument and he wouldn't come round unless I told him what was wrong so I sent back "I think I might be gay"


In fairness I was very confused. But still. Poor lad.

Ewe Wed 19-May-10 23:15:43

I tried to dump my DP via text, we had a silly arguement and he was flirting with his housemate who I hated. Off I strop to Clapham Junction, start composing a text saying how I don't think it's working out and I wish him luck and all that (had only been seeing him a month or two).

Feel breath on my neck and he had been standing behind me the whole time watching me compose message! Thankfully he thought it was funny!

thesunshinesbrightly Thu 20-May-10 00:08:18

I went out with a lad when i was 14 and i was steaming drunk at the park, he dumped me and his excuse was i fancied his friend anyway i cried,none stop was a wreck and kissed his friend instead, i was deverstated.

He's a druggy now, so i think i had a lucky escape.

kittya Thu 20-May-10 00:20:34

probably still hanging around the park!

expatinscotland Thu 20-May-10 00:21:46

I saw this guy when I was single and 30. He had an absolutely beautiful face and physique. But come to find out, he was hairy as a gorilla and he had Herpes II as well.

One night, I was doing an assignment, and my printer wouldn't worked.

I was skint and didn't really want to stump up for Kinko's, this 24-hour chain of printers/computers that is in the US, so I rang Jeremy.

I drove over there to print my project.

Then, after I had it in my hand, he was standing there.

He said, 'I don't want anything romantic with you'.

And before thinking, I replied, 'God, who'd want to get romantic with you? You're a total ape and you have herpes.'

His pretty face was a picture.

I got out of there fast!

thesunshinesbrightly Thu 20-May-10 00:23:05

Most probably right, i was so gutted at the time,thought my whole world had ended, so funny looking back on it now. Young love,eh.

expatinscotland Thu 20-May-10 00:25:49

Another time, I was sleeping with this climber guy. Gawd, could he climb! He was good in bed, too. But he was dumb as a post and like, a total loser.

Anyhow, he had to get up for work at 5AM, so he'd come and stay at mine and go to sleep in my bed, as my place was nearer his work, whilst I went out.


Then he moved to Ft. Collins. From Denver. Um.

It's a bit far. My best friend's brother summed it up. 'Oh, he's geographically undesirable.'

So he rang me up, to nag me to go out there. Again. There's nothing to do but shag and cattle ranch and wait for a tornado, maybe.

I was getting sick of it, and my petrol bill was getting high.

So I hemmed and hawed and he said, 'So we're breaking up then?'

As if we'd ever been together!

I stumbled, 'Um, yeah.'

Anniegetyourgun Thu 20-May-10 09:27:06

I heard DH telling his sister on the phone that we were divorcing as I wanted to live with someone else, explaining how we were going to split the finances, where we would live, how we would divide the DCs' time between us, all very detailed. The only strange thing was, it was the first I had heard about it. But since he came to mention it, it sounded like quite a good idea (except the other bloke bit). I had always felt the logistical problems with moving out would be unsuperable; now he had shown me how it could work.

It turned out that he didn't mean a word of it, didn't want us to split, trusted me (then didn't again!), would never love anyone else etc etc, and eventually denied the conversation had ever taken place. Too late mate.

BalloonSlayer Thu 20-May-10 09:39:55

"Then, after I had it in my hand, he was standing there.

"He said, 'I don't want anything romantic with you'."

Expat, what was it you had in your hand? I was assuming your project?

SolidGoldBrass Thu 20-May-10 11:21:43

Not dumped, exactly, but when I was actually going out with DS dad (some 15 years before we unexpectedly conceived DS) we were on the way back from a gig, on a nightbus, and started rowing (about modern art, as we often did), and he got so cross that he flounced off the night bus. Despite it being about 1am the traffic was very heavy and the bus hardly moving, so about 15 minutes later he got back on the bus again.
I can't actually remember if we continued the row the rest of the way home or not.

NinaJane Thu 20-May-10 11:22:12

When I was 12, my bf told his best friend to tell my best friend to tell me that he did not want to be my bf anymore. So, I told my best friend to tell his best friend to tell him that I want my Modern Talking tape back. So, he told his best friend to tell my best friend to tell me that he doesn't have it anymore (apparently, he gave it to his new girlfriend). So, I told my best friend to tell his best friend to tell him that I hate him and never want to talk to him againhmm (as if I ever did!)

CheekyPinkSox Thu 20-May-10 11:57:38

I dumped my Ex by phone call grin he deserved it. He was shouting at me down the phone and had been shouting at me an hour earlier asking me to go over to his for the 34th night running. I said to him i felt like i couldn't breathe he was suffocating me with the constant possesiveness and controlling he was doing, i said i was fed up of the arguing and he said 'but we don't argue' lmao! IDIOT!

Never looked back.

pinemartina Thu 20-May-10 12:21:31

I cooked a romantic meal for 2.It was the first time the new bf had come over to my place.
Just as I was serving pudding,he went to the loo......didn't return...I sat politely waiting,spoon in hand, for ages,thinking he could be ill.....couldn't find gone....text an hour later saying it was "all too much".......I didn't bother to find out if he meant the pudding or the non relationship....

JaneS Thu 20-May-10 13:55:09

My ex and I had a rented house about 180 miles from my parents' home and nearly 300 miles from the university I had just got a place at. We had, originally, planned to live apart as he also had a year further of university to complete elsewhere, so we were moving out of the rented house where we'd been living together for the last year or so.

I was on holiday with my family, some 350 miles from this house (keeping up here?). My ex said he was going to clear out the house a week early so, as we'd agreed to do it together, I cut short my holiday and drove 350 miles back to the house (it took about 6/7 hours).

When I got there, the house was a tip with washing stacked into the sink and all over the kitchen. My ex came and met me as I parked my car, told me he'd changed his mind and was going home to his parents, and he'd be back in a few days to hand the key in to the landlady, on the day I was meant to be moving in to my new place.

He left me to clear the whole house out alone, including all his dirty dishes etc., including making two trips back to my parents' house 180 miles away to get all the stuff out of the house before carting it all to my new place a few days later. All in the space of 48 hours.

Then 8 days later he rang me to say he'd started seeing a mutual friend and hoped I was happy for him.

I felt like such a twat.

JaneS Thu 20-May-10 13:56:01

(Sorry, it is only funny to me in retrospect because I can't believe I drove so far and so much and then he dumped me ... but black humour I guess. Oops)

DollyPants Thu 20-May-10 13:58:13

shock @ pinemartina

mixedraceparents Thu 20-May-10 15:32:24

A few years ago someone i had never even SPOKEN to decided that we were having a relationship and told everyone so.

A few weeks into our "relationship" I heard through the grapevine that I had been dumped and was "stalking" him hmm hmm

It was pretty funny at the time although I couldn't resist telling him to clean his crack pipe out more often when I finally did speak to him haha.

bluebump Thu 20-May-10 15:44:21

I had a a long distance relationship with a boyfriend who I met at uni in my last year. He went away on holiday with some friends and then I never heard from him again! I rang his house after I knew he'd have been home a week or so and never got through to him so after sending a few emails with no responses I just got on with things and met my now current DP and thought he looked like a better option.

Anyway after about a month my mum convinced me to write to his house to see if he was ok and that he had got my messages as he was allergic to alcohol and she was convinced someone had spiked his drink on holiday and he was dreadfully ill or something so I did and didn't think anything of it. Then I get an email a week or so later that absolutely ripped into me saying that I was such a bitch and how could I have left him from someone else etc - he'd been back from holiday for a month and i'd still not heard from him!! What an oddball, better off out of that one!

kittya Fri 21-May-10 08:58:07

At least when I was a teenager there was none of this dumping by email or text, your mate usually told you!

choccyp1g Fri 21-May-10 09:15:47

I was seeing a man whose 2 small children were living with him, but he kept nagging at me to move in and have a baby. One day the usual argument was going on, and one of the boys strolled in and said, "never mind dad, if choccy doesn't want a baby, you could have one with <<new woman>>"
I was glad to be rid of him, and guess what, she did end up having a baby by him, (but split up before it was born. Proving my point that he was an absolute twunt.

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