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OMG - I am a crap wife

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Windermere Wed 03-Aug-05 19:21:17

It is dh's birthday tomorrow and I forgot. I have been so caught up in ds turning one next week that I completely forgot. I managed to get a crappy birthday cake from Tesco metro and a bottle of champagne but they did not even have any birthday cards. We have been together 17 years and I have always made his birthday memorable by taking him away for the weekend or taking him somewhere really nice. I can't believe that he does not even enter my head anymore. I think this is symptomatic of me not having a grip on my life anymore .

Janbo25 Wed 03-Aug-05 19:23:28

i'm sure your dh will understand children always mean that you and your partner take a bake step and your ds is more important

Whizzz Wed 03-Aug-05 19:25:53

No it doesn't mean you are a crap wife - it means there are different priorities right now. I'm sure he will understand.

Get a piece of card & draw round your little ones hands or feet - a perfectly unique card from you & DS !

gingernut Wed 03-Aug-05 19:26:33

Make him a card! At least you have remembered just in time. I think it's natural for your children to take priority in your thoughts.

Why don't you suggest a trip out somewhere nice at the weekend, as a family?

bumpylump Wed 03-Aug-05 19:28:45

Dont beat yourself up Windermere, I bet your not the first and you certainly wont be the last , there's still time to do something special for him. If he has a computer at work send him an E-card through Hallmark (they're great & free), can you get a babysitter & surprise him when he gets home by getting dressed up & cook him a nice dinner?

Come on M'netters let's try to think of something really special to help Dont worry you still have ur grip, It's when you realise on the actual day you start to panic, keep smiling your obviously spending loads of quality time with ds & that's something you'll never get back.

NomDePlume Wed 03-Aug-05 19:29:24

Windermere, you are really not a crap wife, just a busy one ! The ideas on here so far are lovely, perhaps you could book babysitter & arrange a table at a favourite restaurant at the weekend ?

tiffini Wed 03-Aug-05 19:30:38

If you have any card, you can download b/day cards.

Whizzz Wed 03-Aug-05 19:31:34

You still have time to book a meal somewhere for the weekend - Can you arrange a babysitter ?


give him an invitation to a picnic - you've then got time to get some really nice stuff together & all go out somewhere

NomDePlume Wed 03-Aug-05 19:31:55

You could always try that old favourite of stockings and suspenders and a evening of 'whatever he fancies' once the kids have gone to bed ? Free, fun & no forward planning

Windermere Wed 03-Aug-05 19:36:35

Great ideas. Nomdeplumbe - It is only his 33rd birthday, it's hardly a landmark one, I don't plan to dust off the old suspenders until his 40th

NomDePlume Wed 03-Aug-05 19:37:38


bumpylump Wed 03-Aug-05 19:37:44

lol , maybe just a mini skirt for this one then.

HappyDaddy Thu 04-Aug-05 16:11:48

Promise not to get the hump if he forgets your birthday.

morningpaper Thu 04-Aug-05 16:23:22

Ring a local flower shop and explain your dillema and ask for an early-morning delivery.

Make a voucher for say half a dozen child-free afternoons for him to do whatever he wants while you take care of the kids.

Get a babysitter sorted for tomorrow night and then you can take him for dinner and buy a pressie during the day to present him with.

tarantula Thu 04-Aug-05 16:24:06

lol that was gonna be my comment HD

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