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Ok who elses dp/dh sulks when they don't get any ??

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nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 22:16:28

Sex I mean ??

My dp sulks and sulks and sulks and it is really peeing me off.

He is always talking about sex, suggesting we have it and trying it on and if i say i'm not interested he goes off his head, which tbh puts me off even more.

jayzmummy Tue 02-Aug-05 22:19:42

Five nights away sleeping in a caravan and my DH has major sulks.....his sulks will be even bigger when he realises he aint getting none of it tonight because Im miffed at him!!!!!

nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 22:22:06

I really couldn't be arsed wether we ever had sex or not tbh, and his behaviour makes me wanna never have it again.

Plus he can't seperate affection and sex, which means I avoid being affectionate because I know he'll think it will lead to sex.

Flossam Tue 02-Aug-05 22:23:29

Have you just seen my thread NC? Mine has been in bed since 9, sulking because after how he was at the weekend I am not 'up for it'. I normally give in to him, but I have decided to take the hard line and show him that sulking dosen't get him what he wants!

ilovehorses Tue 02-Aug-05 22:25:24

you are me

nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 22:26:51

Lol, so glad i'm not the only one

Honestly it's like having another child.

Flossam Tue 02-Aug-05 22:28:11

NC, you have been reading my thread, haven't you?

nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 22:29:24

No I haven't, why did you say that too ???

Men, who needs em.

I mean one of theses days he will actually fall out of the bed cos he rolls so close to the edge for exrta sulking effect.

mummylonglegs Tue 02-Aug-05 22:29:58

Message deleted

gigglinggoblin Tue 02-Aug-05 22:32:57

my dp doesnt sulk or go on about it, so i usually let him even if i dont feel like it cos its what id want him to do for me (not always, but often). xp used to sulk and hardly ever got it cos he pissed me off so much. maybe dp is just cleverer and knows that being nice is the way to get it - he also buys me choccie when ive got pmt

Flossam Tue 02-Aug-05 22:35:44

from 10.07 pm tonight

Thanks for your help. He is currently sulking in the bedroom because I don't want to join him there. I always normally give in, but really want him to see that sulking isn't the way to get what he wants. I really do seem to have two children already don't i?

Se what I mean?!

nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 22:37:25

LOL Flossam

Tbh sometimes I probably would give in but I find the sulking so irritating I feel like why the hell should I.

Hmmm makes me sound childish too I spose.

ilovehorses Tue 02-Aug-05 22:38:26

does he sulk about anything else or is it just the sex? not just though.

nutcracker Tue 02-Aug-05 22:40:19

Actually he sulks about everything tbh.

Even my dads says he moans alot and thats rich coming from my dad LOL

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 02-Aug-05 22:52:44

We both sulk if we are not getting any!

ilovehorses Tue 02-Aug-05 22:56:15

bet you would enjoy it with a young, tireless sailor or builder though!(as no pressure) Could you dare suggest that you get bored of routine and fancy some spontaniety, when mostly you feel like it and buy a little nurses outfit and him a sort of blokey, I am cool outfit??

ilovehorses Tue 02-Aug-05 23:08:50

only joking.

sparklymieow Tue 02-Aug-05 23:11:33

Thats sounds like dh, sulks all the time, even on our anniversary he expected it......... even though I was knackered

bosscat Tue 02-Aug-05 23:12:11

oh god don't they all??

peaceandlight Tue 02-Aug-05 23:24:49

same problem here

Tortington Wed 03-Aug-05 00:13:49

if my dh goes on about it the conversation may go very similar to this
"pull my knickers up when your done."
"oh well its no fun if your just going to lie there"
" well your expecting me to do it - like my boss expects me to turn up to work - and now youve made it a fking chore - you tw*t"
"well am only saying...."
" well only tell yourself to be more fking original than kissing mi neck twice and thinking your off"
" well...errr, umm,"
" try being nice to me and doing something original for a change becuae i am bored off mi head"
" want a brew luv?!"
" yeah go on then"
but its implanted in his trousers - i mean brain
and its all His fault - not mine..which is the important bit

HappyDaddy Wed 03-Aug-05 08:59:04

I'm eternally grateful for any sex! seriously, I never expect it or harass my dw for it. If she's not in the mood, I wouldn't enjoy it anyway. Makes it all the better when we do have it.

suzywong Wed 03-Aug-05 09:01:46

I sullk

morningpaper Wed 03-Aug-05 09:07:03

Yeah I'm a sulker too

Lizzylou Wed 03-Aug-05 09:07:46

It's me who sulks, because it's usually me being turned down!

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