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Reservations about having another baby

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Bouj Sat 30-Jul-05 12:19:21

You may or may not know that dh and I have had our fair share of problems of late. With me having PND and moving to Australia, things haven't been easy. But things are better, and we have moved on. We both really want to have a second child, and have started trying. I was absolutely convinced that I was pregnant last month, but alas was not. What I am trying to say, is that it has crossed my mind that having another child together might not be right. I think I am partly over reacting (as I am very fond of doing!!) but I am also not naive enough to think my marriage will be forever.
What I really am trying say (...) is: is it normal to have reservations about bringing more children into this world, with divorce as common as it is? Disclaimer: It is 9.30pm, and I have been at the wine!!

KemalsStilletto Sat 30-Jul-05 12:27:27

Yes definately Bouj, esp as you really want the best for your child. You sound like a very considerate and loving mother. You need to really think about whether your marriage can withstand another child, and as you are already having reservations, I would leave it for a while and see if your marriage improves if it is really rocky, because as we all know, a child puts even more strain on a marriage. Good luck xxx

Bouj Sat 30-Jul-05 12:30:44

Thanks - fab name btw! Unfortunately I have major hormone surge DEMANDING I have another baby now!! very hard to refuse, also makes me think it is the right thing to do, if that make any sense. Thanks again, your post made me smile.

KemalsStilletto Sat 30-Jul-05 13:44:00

aww bouj, glad I made you smile. Do you have the British BB aired in Australia?

Parents like you, who obviously have so much love for their children make me smile

Do you think your marriage is strong? do u love dh and does he love you?

Bouj Sun 31-Jul-05 01:13:55

No, but I avidly buy heat and and read the sun online (sad, I know). Our marriage is strong, I think after all the testing times we have endured. And I know we do love each other. Its just so hard to make the right decision. I have made wrong ones in the past, and am frightened of doing so again, I think. But I also beleive in gut instinct being the best way forward. And I think another baby is the way forward. sorry for being such a drama queen - red wine does that to me! Thanks for listening. x

KemalsStilletto Sun 31-Jul-05 11:27:57

bouj, you're not a drama queen at all! If you think a baby is the best way forward then go for it. you dont sound the sort of mummy to let your child suffer if anything did happen to you and dh, so just discuss it through with your hubby and make sure you are stable in other aspects of your lives and if you do decide to go ahead, have lots of fun trying to conceive and good luck! xxx

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