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have you everlost your tempr with your ex and totally regreeted it

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sheepgomeep Tue 26-Jul-05 22:58:32

I have just done this with my ex and I regret it now as I feel that it could back fire on me. ]This twat went behind my back with a 16 year old girl, repeatedly lied and cheated whilst saying that we would get back together, ruined xmas and birthdays for me then easter i find out he is still with, even now ,with same girl abnd always has been, twists things, lies, is an arrogant cold hearted bastard, sleeps with me six weeks ago saying that he still loves me and dosen't love her, regrets everything, then the same week ignores me and the kids, takes tramp to watch oasis and manages to get into debt through no fault of me and the kids

THEN tonight I find out, he neglected to tell me, two weeks ago, that my parents house was being watched by dodgy person (a neighbour phoned him while I was at work, he was sitting at mine) as a result my parents shed has been tampered with. His excuse 'well i forgot, if I hadn't have been so arsy with him about stuff he wouldn't have forgot to tell me, so it was all my fault.

He is such a tosser, he twists things wihy his cold, arrogant, sneery voice. Well I blew it, I screamed abuse at him, i slagged off his gf, I said 'well if he didn't have his D**k so far up her f**ny then maybe he would have paid more ttention to the fact he was not the only person in the universe. Oh I went mad at him I really did.

His retaliation.. he was going to the solicitor tomorrow, going to take me to court blah blah, declare himself bank rupt, get custody of the kids, sue me for libel, he was going to tell the court what a filthy mouth I had, he's been told he had everything to gain.

Why is he such a F*ing tosser. I hate hate hate him but I still feel for him argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And everything still bloody hurts

by the way i know that he has to take me to court to force me to sell the house and it would take a cold heartd judge to do this, If he does go bankrupt what choice have i got. My solicitor is supportive but can't get legal aid

overdraft Tue 26-Jul-05 23:05:49

bloody men.Answer is yes to your question is yes i screamed hit him and keyed his car last night.This is totally not me .When i am crossed i lose it.What did you do just scream at him? he deserves it.You poor love

AfricoAngel Tue 26-Jul-05 23:08:07

I too have lost my temper with an ex. Don't worry, i'm sure a judge won't give father custody of the kids when he commited adultery with nothing more than a child herself at 16.

I'm really sprry u have to go thru this. What a bastard he sounds. Did the girl know he had a dp/dw at home with kids? If so, what a nasty piece of work. She obviously won't know what its like til she's grown up a little bit, got kids of her own and then he goes and cheats on her.

sheepgomeep Tue 26-Jul-05 23:18:35

She knew alright,he used to text her while I was sorting the kids out, disappear all night clubbing. I found out and i confronted her and she told me She KNEW every thing, they both promised it was over but it wasn't.

I feel very very angry and bitter, especialy when he rubs her in my face

merrygoround Tue 26-Jul-05 23:21:28

Poor you, what a lot to cope with. In answer to your question I frequently lose it with my dp - I did so last Saturday and he refuses to tell me what I said as it was so offensive apparently! (I can't remember, I was angry and obviuosly was going for the jugular). In fact I asked him to tell me what it was so I could remember to use it next time he pisses me off.

Just call his bluff with regard to the lawyers - can't imagine what you said would count against you in the circumstances.

Wishing you strength

HappyDaddy Wed 27-Jul-05 09:36:26

Let him go to a solicitor, it will backfire on him, too. He's shown his true colours and will do the same in front of a judge when he doesn't get his own way. What a muppet.

piffle Wed 27-Jul-05 10:06:53

Even if he had said, sort his life out, get a good job, save money, buy a house, behave properly, he still would sod all chance of getting custody, let alone pursuing bankruptcy and barely legal jail bait!
He surely CANNOT get legal aid for libel, they never advise anyone to sue as the lawyer always knows th means of the person being sued and willa dvise that any monies awarded will never be collected as it is not possible!
He is a grade A tosspot. Don't get angry, don't believe any of his words, after all he lies constantly and has been unfaithful, why should you believe anything?
Laugh at him, the best revenge is a great life, go get YOURS now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sheepgomeep Wed 27-Jul-05 11:09:58

i think his first concern is getting me to sell the house as he has zero money and is in debt. I proposed to him via solicitors that I will remain in the house until dd is 16 (he will still pay the mortgage which is a lower amount than what he would be paying in child maintenance which he dosen't pay at all at the moment)Then when dd hits 16 I've agreed to sell the house and split 50 50. My solicitor said this is a fair and reasonable proposal but ex dosen't he won't respond to any of the sol's letters but threatens court action against me all the time.
He is living with him mother because he 'can't afford a house' He has got a sports car which he could sell and he had 2 grand motorbike as well both of which he bought with a loan after he buggered off and left me last year. His bike was nicked last week and insurance won't pay out at the moment because there is a discrepency over where he kept his bike ie he lied to them.

He also walked out a well paid council job and was unemployed for 6 weeks, in those weeks he took girlfriend out, went and paid for a trip to Milton Keynes to watch oasis. She hasn't got a job as ahe has just turned 18 now and has just finishd her a levels. Stupid cow has gave up her uni place to be with him.

I just feel that he is getting away with treating me like sh*t. He believes he is in the right and constantly tell me I am unreasonable, am a fruitcake, he's glad he is with her cos she is understanding blah blah (still slept with me behind her back though)

Thank you all for replying though, I appreciate it!

HappyDaddy Wed 27-Jul-05 11:15:56

Get your solicitor to tell him exactly what his chances in court are. He/she can tell your ex that either he agrees to your proposal or you go to court.

sheepgomeep Wed 27-Jul-05 13:43:11

I can't afford to go to court myself though Happy Daddy. I can't get legal aid myself. Wish I had stacks of money.

I dunno, maybe its all talk with him, he's done it before. he was actually almost civil when he picked up the kids to take them out for the afternoon and nothing was mentioned about last night. he's a very insecure, emotionally unstable person.


munz Thu 28-Jul-05 09:29:53

sounds to me like the needs to have a reality check and grow up a bit - the resona his g/f is so understandin is cos mentally they're the same age!

you are not being unreasonable he is.

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