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do you think is it ok to go away without dp?

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gigglinggoblin Mon 25-Jul-05 22:03:27

for weeks i have been asking dp to find out when he can get time off work so we can go away for a few days in the hols and he has still not done it. several weeks ago i told him if he couldnt get time off i would take the kids for a few days and go away with my mum or a friend. had a crap week last week and decided i am going this week. obviously he cant go. he is now sulking cos he says i didnt tell him about my friend going and i didnt give him warning that we were going away. how much sodding warning does he need? he says he doesnt mind us going (is only for two nights) but is annoyed i didnt give him notice or something. have explained i only just decided and have been waiting weeks but thats not good enough apparently. normal people go away without their other half? or should i stay here miserably with three miserable kids to keep him happy?

starlover Mon 25-Jul-05 22:04:08

i would go

kama Mon 25-Jul-05 22:04:38

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers Mon 25-Jul-05 22:06:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Micku5 Mon 25-Jul-05 22:07:37

I would quite happily go away with dh especially if he had plenty of notice to sort something out.

In fact last year dd and I went on holiday and dh joined us a week later and earlier this year i went to New York with my mum and had a great time.

Micku5 Mon 25-Jul-05 22:08:10

I meant without dh oops

helsi Mon 25-Jul-05 22:09:45

I would go too. In fact I did last year when dh couldn't get time off work. I went to Scarborough with my mum and dad for a few days.

QueenOfQuotes Mon 25-Jul-05 22:13:37

oh dear must get my eyes tested though this thread said

"do you think it's ok to DO away with DP"

Thought you wanted to bump him off

As for the actual post - just go.

gigglinggoblin Mon 25-Jul-05 22:14:02

we are going, i desperately need to get out of this house. i wrote the first post in the bedroom after stamping upstairs cos he was being so huffy, am now back downstairs cos he has come up to make peace. still saying i dont tell him things - will email him next time, he usually listens to the computer

gigglinggoblin Mon 25-Jul-05 22:15:31

lol QOQ

it has not got to that stage just yet, need to up the life insurance first

Micku5 Mon 25-Jul-05 22:16:09

ahh selective hearing... get a lot of that in this house.

trefusis Mon 25-Jul-05 22:28:55

Message withdrawn

gigglinggoblin Mon 25-Jul-05 22:34:38

haha, i doubt that! he really hates it when the kids develop selective deafness, but refuses to believe that i have told him things and he just hasnt been listening. i know i have, but he is always so sure that he makes me doubt myself! he usually tells me things months in advance and then remnds me the day before and i dont complain, dont really see why its such a problem

there do seem to be a lot of threads complaining about men tonight, is it a full moon or do i not look for them the rest of the time?

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