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We are skint but dp saved us 50 quid to spend in the holidays!

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charliecat Mon 25-Jul-05 10:32:15

Thought id mention it as I usually join the arent dps crap threads instead!

starlover Mon 25-Jul-05 10:33:30

that's fab

moondog Mon 25-Jul-05 10:34:23

Aaaah,good for him! Great when your faith in someone is restored isn't it?

rickman Mon 25-Jul-05 10:34:27

Message withdrawn

charliecat Mon 25-Jul-05 10:40:58

Its about 33p a day...fancy some squash Rickman?!
Now I have to think of something to do

QueenOfQuotes Mon 25-Jul-05 10:46:56

aww - that's fantastic. What a lovely suprise

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