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Have yu successfully house your dh/dp? How did you do it??!!

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swiperfox Sun 24-Jul-05 14:49:48

I have been in such a bad mood since I got up this morning because of dp's lack of ability to lift a finger in this house. Yesterday we were out all day and got kfc on the way home. While we were just about finished, he got up from the table and went and sat and watched tv. DD went and told him that he has to sit at the table til we are all finished so he came back for about 3 minutes then went back to the tv.
I asked him to help me clear it away, and he said ok and did nothing, so i left it. Just before i went to bed i started to clear it but thought 'why should i??' so made him do it.

2 days ago i asked him to wash up after dinner as i had washed up and cooked. He didn't. So I'm on strike. The dishes are piling up, the house looks like a bomb has hit it and it's starting to drive me mad but i don't want to do it out of principle!! I'm not doing his washing or ironing either. He always uses work as an excuse not to do anything but it was ok for him to not bother going in til 11 this morning because he wanted to watch football.
Despite the fact that i went mad at him this morning, straight after the football he went to work - leaving me to deal with the crap as usual

Is there a way round it? Does going on strike make a blind bit of difference??

mummylonglegs Sun 24-Jul-05 14:54:29

Message deleted

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