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I am sooooooooooo fed up of being taken for granted.

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Mugginz Thu 21-Jul-05 17:46:05

I have changed my name for this as dh knows my name, but if he reads this he should know who I am. I am sure you wish mnetters will figure it out.

I suppose the above says it all.

At the minute, I am not in the best of health, i am on alot of strong painkillers which make me drowsy and some other tablets with make me lightheaded, plus I am in quite a bit of pain. Since I have been like this, what has dh started to do? He has started to work EVERY hour of overtime that he can. I hardly see him now and when he is home the kids are following him round because they have missed him so much, when they are wanting his attention all he does is complain about how tired he is and that they won't leave him alone.

He has just gone for a bath, he will be in there AT LEAST an hour and insists that the kids cannot go in there at all, but when I go for a bath later, it will be a free for all and they will all (including him) be coming in for the toilet.

I am doing EVERYTHING in the house at the minute, as well as the school runs and trying to get my own career kickstarted. When he is at home, he will have something to eat and can't even put the plate in the dishwasher, he says that 'he doesn't know if the dishes in the dishwasher need washing or not' , he doesn't take the bins out, clean the bathroom when he has pebbledashed the toilet and, if the little one has wet her bed, instead of taking the covers off, he will just mention it to me when he comes downstairs so that I have to do it.

Even though today has been a bad day I gave the bathroom a really good clean down and cleaned the pipes out on the spa, he has just come down shouting and balling because the bottom of the bath was mucky, (I forgot to rinse it because dd2 wanted her lunch), he has NEVER cleaned the bath and we have lived here 8 years. I also put dd2's duvet in the washer and dryer and when it was dried i left it on the back of the chair and asked him to take it up when he goes for a bath, he gave me a mucky luck and starting complaining, ffs, its only a duvet and not heavy.

All in all, I am just fed up to the back teeth, I'm run down, not sleeping very well. in pain and having blood tests etc, I have just got my provisional license to start learning to drive when I feel better, but he keeps saying that we can't afford it, even though he spends about £30.00 a week at the bookies, also, he went out twice last week and got paralytic both times and went out and got drunk this week, no doubt he will be doing it next monday, he seems to think that he is allowed because he is working all the time (I obviously sit on my arse all day}.

To top it all I THINK I might be pg which will really tip me over the edge.

Sorry about it being so long, rant over.

Mugginz Thu 21-Jul-05 18:00:25

Cheeky git, he has now been complaining that he can't have a spa cos the tubes needed cleaning,he wouldn't do it, but cos i've done it today, he is now having a bloody spa, aaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

chicagomum Thu 21-Jul-05 18:03:18

sorry to hear lifes so bad for you at the moment, is there no way you can sit down with him and have a rational conversation with him about how you feel and that you need more help around the house or would that agravate the situation?

Mugginz Thu 21-Jul-05 18:07:54

I think it would really aggravate the situation, he has admitted he if feels as though someone is having a go, he gets cocky and obnoxious and that causes us to fall out even more.

W0MBAT Thu 21-Jul-05 18:22:00

Mugginz, it's not fair that you do everything around the house and you can't continue to let him get away with doing nothing.

You should really talk to him about it but if that won't do anything, then stop doing so much so he is forced to do something.

chicagomum Thu 21-Jul-05 18:27:44

could you simply go on stirke ? seriously though what i did with dh a while back was fake being sick (at a weekend so he didn't have to take time off work) so he had to run the house look after the kids, do the weekly shop cook etc etc making him realise just what i do on a daily basis (whilst also going out to work part time) although its not perfect he certainly does do a bit more around the place these days

rickman Thu 21-Jul-05 22:49:28

Message withdrawn

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