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Starting over !!!!!

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Gonz Tue 19-Jul-05 15:08:58

Ok here is one for everyone, I have recently moved to a new area, (small village), everyone I know are mums in relationships, I have three children, youngest 4 months and now find myself in a single parent situ, I will go back to work when my maternity leave is over but my ex partner works there also, I am not saying I want to find someone, just unsure how to make friends that I can go out with as me rather than doing kids things all the time and while I totally love my children, I do find that when they go to there dads over night, I don't know what to do with myself, any suggestions???

BareFootAngel Tue 19-Jul-05 15:10:03

how about a course in something or gym?

Gonz Tue 19-Jul-05 15:18:35

I tried the gym but found it difficult to as people tended to keep themselves to themselves, the course is a good idea though, I'll look into that thanks.

anorak Tue 19-Jul-05 15:23:18

Mumsnetter meet-ups will get you some new friends and might lead to invitations to other stuff where you can really widen the circle.

Voluntary work?
Village events? Is there much of a community there?

Whereabouts are you actually?

Gonz Tue 19-Jul-05 15:26:40

Of course the trouble with voluntary work etc is with the baby as he is so young, church is good though as I do go so I should try to get more involved, yes I'll try that def, I am just north of Stratford apon Avon.
What do you mean mumnetter meet ups?

anorak Tue 19-Jul-05 15:27:14

You could join a badminton or squash club. People talk far more at those than they do at the gym, because you have to take it in turns to play.

anorak Tue 19-Jul-05 15:29:56

Have a look under the meet-ups section on the main talk menu. You'll see that mumsnetters are arranging meet-ups with anyone near enough all over the country. Sometimes we meet in the day at a park or playcentre or in the evening without the children. We've even had weekend meet-ups where we camp. You simply join in with any that are near enough to you.

I've made some fantastic friends through mn meet-ups. If you don't see one for your area, just start a thread yourself asking if anyone would like to meet.

Blu Tue 19-Jul-05 15:31:37

Put up a notice in the newsagent or library asking if anyone would like to be in a book club with you? Or if there is one you could join?

You can find details of where Mumsnetters are meeting up if you click on 'by topic' at the top of this page, then down near the bottom, under 'Mumsnet Stuff' you will find 'meet-ups'. You could start a thread there and see if anyone else is local.

What general area of the country are you in? Lots of very good real life friendships have grown out of MN meet-ups!

compo Tue 19-Jul-05 15:31:38

reading groups are a popular way of meeting new people - try your local library for ones in your area

Gonz Tue 19-Jul-05 15:34:46

I suppose I could go to the local badminton club. Yep, I'll give them a call thanks for your help, I am really please I joined mumsnet, it's just so nice to know that advise is available.

Prufrock Tue 19-Jul-05 21:30:31

Mums in relationships want to have a social life that doesn't involve children or being a wife as well you know! Ok they might not go out on the pull with you but why not ask some of the mums you like best if they fancy going out one night?

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