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Went to my exes

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Jasmine21 Sun 17-Jul-05 19:19:02

After I went to church today, which I havent been to for over a year, I walked to my exes who lives very close. I broke up with him about 2 yrs ago and havent spoken to him since, apart from the odd chat online, but even then the last one was a good 6 months back. I don't know why I decided to go but I did and seeing as we broke up still friendly, I suppose I just thought I might catch up with him. he lives in a first floor flat and his window was open so I pressed the buzzer. That was broke when I lived with him, so I assumed it still was and went round the the back of the block and saw his balcony door was open. I was just about to shout his name to come to the door when I saw a woman's skirt on the line. I never thought I would be bothered, but just the thought of him having another woman living there especially in the flat I so lovingly decorated and made a 'home' put me in a temporary mood and I felt quite sullen. I am ok now tho but it just affected me and I never thought it would!!!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Sun 17-Jul-05 19:34:02

i know what you mean.... im still really friendly with my ex's mum, and about 1yr after splitting up they moved house. I went round to see them one evening (ex was out thank god) just after jess was born and got given the tour of the house, my ex's bedroom door was open and strewn with stuff of his new gf's (the one he left me for) and i felt the same - not sure why as i was married and had a baby!!!

Jasmine21 Sun 17-Jul-05 19:39:48

so glad u feeled it too jessicaandbumpsmummy! I thought I was being crazy, esp as I have totally got over him and moved in since then but I suppose it was just the thought of a girl sleeping in my old bed and in my old house and getting friendly with the neighbours I once were friends with and just having everything that was once mine!

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