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Too shy to go...

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CiaoLeoCiaoOllie Thu 14-Jul-05 17:18:29

There is an aqua-fit class at my local sports centre tonight and I get in free because of my gym membership but I am sooo shy at going. I'm just afraid everyone there will be with a friend and I will be all on my own. I'm not really afraid of being in my swimming costume, because I realise ppl are all there because they want to lose weight, its just the having no one there I know issue.

lilaclotus Thu 14-Jul-05 17:20:25

but you might make some friends while you're there!

starlover Thu 14-Jul-05 17:22:22

oh go, it'll be fine! i bet there will be loads of people who don't know anyone!

i was SOOOOOO scared of going to the gym by myself when i first started... but it was fine!

and as lilaclotus says, you may make some friends there!

WigWamBam Thu 14-Jul-05 17:23:12

The only reason you don't know them is because you haven't met them yet! Go on, give it a go!

spursmum Thu 14-Jul-05 17:28:28

its great!! everyone just chats to everyone else. just say hi when you go in, someone will say hi back. i was the same but now i cant wait to go(for the chat not the hard work!!)

ebbie22 Thu 14-Jul-05 17:56:37

As they say,strangers are only friends who havent met...And remember there will be people going tonight who will be in the same boat as you..

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