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Confused...lack of sex related!

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anonomous79 Thu 14-Jul-05 00:11:57

...sigh...dp and i have been arguing a LOT, since the week before ds was born..about all sorts, its not ds related, its largely about dp's paranoia and lack of trust in my opinion, which he puts down to past relationship lessons he's learnt! We do occassionally have a few nice days but it doesn't feel quite right, i don't believe he's being truely sincere in his niceness! and i even feel that i am acting a little to call him 'baby' etc. Ds is just over a yr, we have had sex about 6x Its down to my dis-interset, i don't know if i have low libido for some physical reason (am still bf and not menstruating) or if its that i don't want him near me anymore ) I get relieved when he falls asleep or works late that he won't be coming near me...i don't even know how i feel about him anymore, i don't want to be a single mum, i don't want to hurt him by seperating him from ds who he adores. Can't stand his behaviour anymore, accused me of fancying his brother the other day just because i happened to wear a skirt that day! Once came home and started an arguement because i had changed the sheets and he wanted to know why, these are just examples. I have never cheated on him, he had a one night stand a few years ago and i do not dis-trust him! ...Is the love gone? Is lack of desire for him an indicator of that? help, i'm confused

shhhh Mon 01-Aug-05 13:29:30

Personally I think you need to sit down and have a chat with him...I have never ben in this situation and I hope I never am so I suppose my advice is not the best.
You really need to see what he doesn't trust you...usually they say that paranoia with someone relates back to the fact that that person is up to something.?? Not sure how true this is..? You need to see what you both want from this relationship and the fact that you have a ds must mean that there once was some love there?
The longer you leave things the longer they go round in your mind. HTH..Let me know how you get on..x

Mum2girls Mon 01-Aug-05 13:35:35

This behaviour would drive me insane - from what you've written, it sounds like the decline in your relationship is because of his behaviour. It would drive a wedge between most couple I expect.

Would you try counselling?

Janbo25 Wed 03-Aug-05 09:54:21

have you both sat down and discussed the lack of sex and how things are going in the relationship?

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