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Am I gay or is this normal?!!!

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twirlaround Mon 11-Jul-05 18:36:36

I have changed my name for this - advice please!
When I start to get to know other mothers at my daughter's school it feels a bit like having a crush on some of them or like falling in love - I find it exciting getting to know new, attractive and vibrant people - so is this normal or should I be getting to grips with a different sexuality?!!

Impostor Mon 11-Jul-05 18:37:30

Message withdrawn

compo Mon 11-Jul-05 18:37:44

totally normal imo

twirlaround Mon 11-Jul-05 18:38:35

Err, not sure. I do find them attractive but not actively considering snogging!!!

twirlaround Mon 11-Jul-05 18:39:26

Maybe I am just very repressed though

starlover Mon 11-Jul-05 18:41:28

completely normal! i also get this... get kinda fixated on the people that i like and want to get to know them more and spend time with them etc etc...

twirlaround Mon 11-Jul-05 18:45:00

Thanks for the reassurance although it might have been a laugh starting over again as a lesbian

starlover Mon 11-Jul-05 18:46:17

well maybe you should give it a go and see how you feel

trefusis Mon 11-Jul-05 18:47:47

Message withdrawn

twirlaround Mon 11-Jul-05 18:49:32

Crumbs - hard enough negotiating flirting/ rejection etc in the heterosexual world!

And imagine if I negotiated my way through by chance and then changed my mind...far too complicated!

twirlaround Mon 11-Jul-05 18:50:17

Yes trefusis - but only the women

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