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am i being unreasonable

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albosmum Sat 09-Jul-05 01:34:55

This is a rant
DH came home at 7.15 tonite and stayed outside talking to neighbour till 7.50 then came in took ds2 out for half an hour then brought him back in. Then went back out and has only just come back in very drunk (and only after i phoned him at 1 to tell him it was too noisy.)

Tomorrow he has got a 9.45 passport appointment - as he has lost his passport and we are meant to be going on holiday next week and as far as i know he has not sorted out the documentation he needs

in addition he was out last weekend, went away the weekend before, and another weekend 4 weekends ago

Plus tonite he ate part the dinner i made for him and then left the rest on the side

I am really annoyed and now cannot sleep as i think i am getting nothing out of this relationahip other than providing a hotel for not so dh

jasper Sat 09-Jul-05 03:02:31

Sounds like you are NOT being unreasonable. He is.That's if tonight's behaviour is the norm
and not just a one off.
Have you talked to him about it?
Perhaps you should arrange your own night out with friends and make it clear that he will have to stay home and sober to take care of the kids.

haven Sun 10-Jul-05 00:12:43

you sound like this is a way out normal behavior. if it is, let it ride a bit, sometimes i think they need a break. if it continues, well then that's another story...

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