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can anyone help.

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leonardodavinci Fri 08-Jul-05 18:51:27

had a chat with my stepmum an hour ago and she is well depressed she was married to my dad for 20 years and now for 5 years has been on her own and her voice is so melancholy I don't expect to peform miracles but I want to reach out to her, her sweet dad died 2 years ago, she has no children and is alone. She cared for my father when noone else would as he had serious mental problems and she is a good carer. Now she has no meaning in life I know and has threatened on phonecalls to my sisters suicide and I feel enormously sorry for her. She is mentally unstable, but a human being in need of care herself and love but she has tried the doctor and he was no help. She is really depressed, sorry to drag this down in Friday night but I am worried for the poor woman.

jenk1 Fri 08-Jul-05 19:00:50

she needs to speak to someone asap especially if she is mentioning suicide, what about counselling nhs or private if she can afford it, what about phoning the samarians,they are very good, would she think about trying anti-depressants for a while just to get her through it?

leonardodavinci Fri 08-Jul-05 19:03:40

thing is I think she wont even leave the house she is that sown, is on tablets, just never got over my father dying, bless her. do you think me ringing every few days would be a good idea just to show I care which I do immensely

leonardodavinci Fri 08-Jul-05 19:03:52


haven Fri 08-Jul-05 19:04:41

would she stay with you? like say you need her for help. kinda like reversing it a lil. give her somethings to do with her time until she finds herself again.

bensmum3 Fri 08-Jul-05 20:00:12

Are you able to talk to her ? My Dad died 8 years ago and Mum still doesn't cope very well. But, she doesn't want to be helped, or to enjoy and get on with life, I try my best and spent 2 years running around with her nearly every day, which was just taken for granted, and my children just tagged along, now we check her once a week but she's no worse and no better. I think you should offer as much support as you are able, but be aware of your own family's needs too. Good luck.

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