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Is there anyway that I can make this better?

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FlounceyFlossam Tue 05-Jul-05 20:33:54

I've posted before about DP's family. But it is still bothering me, and I know it is DP too. They don't bother with us really at all, have seen DS 3 times, for perhaps a total of 10hrs max since he was born 8 months ago. They never ring either - they haven't phoned in 2 months. DP always phones them. Ds is never asked after.

I know I moan about DP but I cannot fault the love and pride he has in DS. He adores him. And he adores his family. And it makes me really sad. He is so loyal to them that he sometimes makes out he dosen't mind his mother not bothering - but he does.

He has a brother just less than a year younger than him. Basically DP has been pushed to one side since he was a tiny baby IMO. The way she describes DP when she talks about him as a child, her pregnancy, thinks he got up to she describes so negatively and with a sneer on her face. BIL meanwhile never does wrong really, when in reality he is a right sod! In family photos she wraps her arms around BIL, DP is just left sat there.

I know there is nothing I can do really, but I just wish his parents could see how much he loves them and how their actions do hurt him. And I wish I could change it for him. He gives them all this love and yet seems to get nothing in return.

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