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my husband has spent his money on himself

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fostermum Sun 03-Jul-05 14:55:43

which means im to blame,some how! so i am being muttered at under his breath all day i wish he would go away and stay some where else

Caligula Sun 03-Jul-05 15:08:05

Oh dear! What's happened?

fostermum Sun 03-Jul-05 15:16:16

well things are on the way out anyway between us but he spent his spare money from wages on his moter bike and booze, im going away for a holiday for 3 weeks to new zealand(my home)and he flipped out coz i wont give him my spending money and he says he cant last month with no money

SenoraPostrophe Sun 03-Jul-05 15:18:32

tell him to sell his motorbike.

what an idiot.

fostermum Sun 03-Jul-05 15:20:27

what his precious???????????wouldnt even come into his head!

fostermum Sun 03-Jul-05 15:25:45

dont know how long i can keep going like this,it making me so stressed it begining to affect my heart again

SenoraPostrophe Sun 03-Jul-05 15:32:50

it sounds like hell, fm.

One strategy I sometimes use to deal with someone whose being verbally abusive to you is to use a "mental mirror" - you just assume the person is talking to themselves. In this case it would be pretty apt because it really is his own fault.

can you go out for a few hours this afternoon?

fostermum Sun 03-Jul-05 15:34:52

he's gone out in a mood as it is i spend most of the time we are alone in the house in my room because the silence is deafening,we have our own rooms

SenoraPostrophe Sun 03-Jul-05 15:37:27

I don't know what to say really.

roll on 3 weeks time!

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