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Confused about ex

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mrsconfused Tue 28-Jun-05 12:18:58

Ok so ive changed my name cos im a chicken but just wanted to hear opinions and if its ever happened to you.

Im married to a great man have 2 children and one on the way but lately ive been dreaming about my ex. Ex and i were together for 4 years but continued sleeping together until i met dh. He is in a funny relationship and has been for 5 years but has recnetly moved out of his shared house to live by himself. Ex and i have always kept in contact (dh doesnt know) but a few months ago i ended contact because ex was saying alot of things about his feelings etc and i was getting upset and confused. Since i cut contact he has text once and i replied but kept it straight to point ie im fine, kids fine bye.
Dh and i are not great friends at the moment due to stress with pregnancy etc but today i found myself crying buckets cos i want to speak to my ex. Im over emotional at the moment anyway due to pregnancy hormones but i dont know if i should ring ex or not.
If DH found out he would go mad and im not sure if ex will even want to talk cos i really hurt him when i cut contact. Dont know what to do but cant stop thinking about ex. He has been a big part of my life for over 10 years now and im really finding it hard having no contact.

NomDePlume Tue 28-Jun-05 12:21:51

I know it sounds harsh but you have to be strong and keep up with the no contact rule. I think it will damage your current relationship and family life if you persue the ex.

NomDePlume Tue 28-Jun-05 12:22:06


MrsGordonRamsay Tue 28-Jun-05 12:24:06

Sorry just popped out of a meeting, so will be brief.

He is Ex for a reason.

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