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Anyone tried or curious about male escorts?

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poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 14:46:11

I am single mum and I havn't been shagged or even taken out for over two years.
I would love to go for a nice dinner and possibly more but I am simply not ready for a relationship.
I am beginning to think that it would be lovely to hire a georgeous male escort for my birthday!
Is it a bad idea?

dittany Sun 13-Dec-09 14:51:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 15:04:31

That's true. But at least if you hire an escort it is less of an emotional transaction?

Mabe the best ways to hire an escort is if I need a date for a wedding etc. TBH at the moment I would probably find any old hunk sexy after a few glassess of wine!

I do actually want the dinner bit. Ok I will probably bore the pants off him but hey- I like the idea of ''romance'' followed by a fuck! I think the idea of it turns me on.

dittany Sun 13-Dec-09 15:10:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

purplehat Sun 13-Dec-09 15:13:11

I'm curious about it- but interested? Seriously-no.
I can kind of see why it might appeal to someone but in reality it would all feel a bit sordid I think.

cheerfulvicky Sun 13-Dec-09 15:16:52

What about something like Adult Friend Finder then? Or is that really dodgy??
I think in your shoes I would just get a friend with benefits or similar.. Someone I knew and trusted, who didn't want a relationship either.

poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 15:24:34

i actually think that hiring an escort is far less dodgy and sordid than picking up some drunk geezer in a bar and having a one night stand!
i think that men have been doing this for centuries- now we can too!

poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 15:25:32

i would fall for a friend with benefits - trust me and they don't do lunch either do they!

poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 15:29:17

i also think that a male escort would be more buff than the average bloke in bar and right now i need buff!

sarah293 Sun 13-Dec-09 15:31:33

Message withdrawn

ShinyAndNew Sun 13-Dec-09 15:34:41

My friend was curious once, when we falt shared. I phoned one to enquire about prices for her birthday and he tortured us after that, with constant calls and texts. He seemed a bit desperate for our custom, which was very off putting.

I just took her on a night out instead and bought her new undies so she felt sexy. She pulled. And it was much, much cheaper. Plus he made us both bacon butties in the morining grin

I can see the appeal, but I'd be put off by what sort of bloke thinks he is sexy enough/good enough in bed to become an escort. You will probably end up with some one who has a hugely over inflated ego and not much else to offer.

bloomingnora Sun 13-Dec-09 15:35:16

I used to go out with a man who had been a male escort (apparently he never had sex with any of the clients....). He was a brilliant conversationalist and incredibly attentive and pretty buff!

dittany Sun 13-Dec-09 16:18:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

purplehat Sun 13-Dec-09 16:18:36

The whole paying for the privilege of company and/or a shag would feel degrading to be honest- surely you want someone to want to be in your company and not just because they want your cash?

poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 16:24:35

I kind of get what you mean purplehat - i think it would be empty in that sense but ime plenty of men have been with me just for sex. What's the difference.
I think the reason why I would rather pay is that I would hold the cards and be boss if you like. With men in a bar it makes me feel like rubbish because I always get hurt when they show no interest in wanting more or if I give them my number/vice versa and nowt happens.
At least with an escort his job is to pretend to be interested in me and what I have to say and if he is good at conversation I would be interested in him anyway!
I would use a condom definately and as a professional I expect he would use one as a matter of course?
There are plenty of shaggers/bar crawlers around who aren't escorts.

poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 16:29:19

I might give it a go as an expensive treat and if it's not for me I'll just put it down to experience. I am feeling a little bit adventurous now dd is older!

poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 16:30:46

Whats the website Riven?

poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 16:34:46

They should have a shop or wherehouse where you can turn up and see them in the flesh and drag em home! grin

poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 16:35:14

Not very pc though is it prostitution?

Makipuppy Sun 13-Dec-09 16:43:01

A friend of mine had an enormous amount of fun on here - was treated like a goddess apparently, wreathed in smiles when I saw her anyway...

Grandhighpoohba Sun 13-Dec-09 17:16:16

Um, can you imagine if a bloke had posted a thread about wanting to hire a prostitute? The wrath of MN would decend. And thats what you are talking about here, paying someone for sex. Huge double standards, if you ask me.

If you want casual sex, go online, plenty of websites cater to those who want to meet others for sex.

wetsuitone Sun 13-Dec-09 17:35:20


You ladies sure are interesting...

Men are infinitely more businesslike about escorts.

Sleezy? Ummm... Not really. If the male escorts are anywhere near as professional as the female sort, you'll probably have a good time. Plus if you don't like the look of the guy, you can always send him away?

Anyways, can't women see pictures of the guy before he comes over?

What a different mindset women have about it. Very intriguing...

poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 17:36:18

I do know it's double standards but that is a different thread entirely isn't it? Is prostitution good or bad I mean.

wetsuitone Sun 13-Dec-09 17:36:56

Uh oh, here comes the wrath!

Bring it on I say! grin

poshsinglemum Sun 13-Dec-09 17:38:05

Besides- I never claimed to be good or moral! grin

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