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just frustrated

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haven Sun 19-Jun-05 06:27:04

frustraited because as some of you know i am supposed to be starting school in aug. i am so nervous about it because dh always starts acting like a butt when things go good for me. as long as i am in the back he is great, and i know that we will be fussing before pretty long. we get along great while in the house-wife-mommy position, but now i am worried. he starts off with good intentions but then he gets i guess envious and gets ugly sometimes. i wonder if it is worth it. last time i was in school and i almost split, not because that but the comments he would make.

he would ask me a question pertaining to what i was going to school for and if i didn't know the answer he would be so upset because he was paying for the school. or he would research something and question me just to prove he knew something i didn't. he gets i guess insecure with his own accomplishments that he get jelous ( i guess ) he really is a good man, and very ambitious. he let go of alot of opportunities by choosing me
( another long story) and sometimes it shows that he is upset that he is not doing what he wants. or wanted and just reminessing about what he wanted. i don't believe that he starts off with bad feelings, as he is so supportive in the beginning; just ends up that way.

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 07:07:28

Men can be like that!!! They start off surportive but when they see you doing well they try and squash it.Think its the cave man instinct!!! I want to provide for my little women!! You are not supposed to have a life away from him!!!!! Its something he isnt part of and he feels threatened by it!!
I think I would try and have a chat before it comes to that. Tell him you are soooo grateful of his support and how proud of him you are for all he has done etc blaa blaa blaaa. They love it!!!

hercules Sun 19-Jun-05 08:01:05

Sounds like he needs togrow up instead of trying to control what you do.

Just go for it and enjoy it.

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 10:44:58

Good luck!!!

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