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not giving in

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conway Wed 11-Nov-09 19:31:32

My husband is catholic but not very religous and I am C of E and not very religous.
My husband wants our 8 year old to take his holy communion . I feel that this is pointless as we rarely go to church and that it would take up a lot of my son's valuable football time.
I think he is just doing this to please his mum.
We are both not wanting to give in.
What do I do ?

NearlySilver Wed 11-Nov-09 23:05:48

Hi Conway
Other way round in our house. I'm the lapsed Catholic and he is the lapsed Anglican. Oddly I took our three to the Anglican church until they rebelled as teenagers.
I do remember the quite thorough marriage preparation when I had to promise to try my best to bring them up good Catholics (I did TRY!)
Why not say "okay dear, you take him to mass and I will have a lovely lie in while you do". The preparation will only take a few weeks and you will hardly feel a thing! In a Catholic family it is a very special celebration.
Seriously if your only objection is timewasting and not on moral grounds then why not give in gracefully and rack up some Brownie points to use over something you really do care about?

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