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desperatehousewife Sat 18-Jun-05 13:54:05

Don't mean to offend anyone....but what on earth is it all about? Just don't get it....

emily05 Sat 18-Jun-05 13:56:09

I hope that this isn't to do with your weekend away! Only joking. I think that it is couples who have other sexual partners but are still with only each other in the sense of commitment iyswim
watched one of those late night programmes once about a holiday resort full of swingers and it was eye opening!

kama Sat 18-Jun-05 13:56:54

Message withdrawn

desperatehousewife Sat 18-Jun-05 13:57:55

I know what it is...just don't get it...why would you do it if you were in a meaningful relationship with someone?

Aero Sat 18-Jun-05 14:57:07

I don't get it either, but we had an embarrassing moment when looking for the 'friendsreunited' site a few years ago. Dh tapped in 'friendsunited' by mistake and guess what came up!!

NannyJo Sat 18-Jun-05 14:57:13

not everyone is in a meaningful relationship though. (not talking from experience)

Some marriages go stale but they don't want to leave someone they've loved all your life. Swinging could put some exitement in the relationship but still have security of your own marriage.

Not interested in it myself but can fully understand it although i disagree in it.

munz Sat 18-Jun-05 14:58:22

like a wife swop type thing? don't know if i'd want anyone else sleeping with my DH even if I was at it with another man - actually I don't think I could sleep with another man

NannyJo Sat 18-Jun-05 14:59:21

my SIL uses this site and knows who i am, lets hope she's not ringing her little bro soon to tell him i'm bored.

Three words MB stick, wrong and end

Chyla Sat 18-Jun-05 15:52:26

If I was in a non-serious relationship, I would love to go to a swingers club, where there are a few rooms where couples (or more) go and have sex and ppl watch. It sounds sexy. But I definately would not want my partner to have sex with someone else or for him to watch me having sex with someone other than him.

JoolsToo Sat 18-Jun-05 16:14:51

beats me!

expatinscotland Sat 18-Jun-05 16:18:32

Do you mean the jive, lindy hop, or western?

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