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question for those our had relationship with MM

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Im just wondering and was going to post on thread but thought might be a little insensive.
If you have had/still a affair with a man who was married, did you know when it started? Did you care? Im not being cruel just wondering what makes people start relationships with MM or MW? if they know?
of course please do name change

freeasabird Sat 07-Nov-09 09:42:29

hi lisa.

ive never had an affair with a MM or MW.
but my XH had several, one of the women was very heartless and brazen and delighted in the distress she caused and even when it was over decided to pop back into our lives.

i can only speak from my view point to say that the devestation is tremendous and i dont know why women or even men do it,ego stroking? need to feel desirable again?

hope you are ok.

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