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husband cant get it up!

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jaide Sat 07-Nov-09 07:37:12

This happened again last night..husband comes to bed, we have a cuddle he is showing signs he wants some loving, so I respond and as quick as he was all ready for it, it disapears!! He says he's got a lot on his mind. I feel ashamed that I don't do it for my husband anymore( if you know what I mean).has anyone else been through this? Don't know how to sort it out. Any advice suggestions please, would be truly grateful.

girlsyearapart Sat 07-Nov-09 07:46:28

Happened when me and DH first got together. Maybe 3 times or so then never again since (7ish years ago)

He said it was because he wanted to get it on so much that it had the reverse effect iyswim..
The more attention you draw to it the worse it'll get cos he'll be stressing.

Anyway I think don't draw too much attention to it- hopefully won't last long.

Think I remember reading something about putting a ban on sex for a while (not everything else) and then it should resolve itself.

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