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I asked dh to leave

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red37 Thu 05-Nov-09 17:08:03

I cant bear him anymore, I have sat in this emotionally abusive relationship for too long, watching him twist and turn things on me, tormenting me with his selfish crap, not sure I could dislike him so much, but I do, I am at breaking point.

Yes, he is an alcoholic and I am going to lose my home because of the debts.

I need advice on debt management, solictors, access arrangements, maintenence. I have 3 children, the youngest being his, the elder two from a previous marriage.

I just dont know how I am going to make ends meet...thanks for reading

any advice would be of help

YouKnowNothingoftheKABOOM Thu 05-Nov-09 17:10:56

Have you spoken to CAB about your rights? That might be a good place to start.

Really sorry you're going through all this. Are you ok?

red37 Thu 05-Nov-09 17:16:54

No I have not spoken to them, but you are right it is a good place to start.

I will feel alot better when things start sorting themself out iyswim

YouKnowNothingoftheKABOOM Thu 05-Nov-09 17:19:13

Just break it down into manageable chunks. Do one thing at a time. Make sure essential practicalities are dealt with first and then move on to the non-essentials.

But most of all make sure you've got someone to talk to through all of this.

MmeGuisingt Thu 05-Nov-09 17:21:30

I have no advice but wanted to post my support and admiration. Well done on getting yourself and your DC away from this situation.

desolate Thu 05-Nov-09 17:59:18


I'm not v good at relationship advice, as anyone reading my thread about Nobber Neil and his escapades would tell you, but, before I met him, I was retraining as a Barrister.

An initial meeting with a Solicitor would provide you with all the info you need re access, maintenance etc. The Law Society has a page through which you can find one dealing with Family Law who will help you:

Will be thinking of you and wishing you well.

ThisBoyDraculaDrew Thu 05-Nov-09 18:01:36

i Second the CAB. I went recently and they were very thorough with helping me establish what things I need to think about...and would have provided me with a free 30mins with solicitor if I needed too.

I would start with CAB before spending money on solicitor...

overmydeadbody Thu 05-Nov-09 18:06:07

First of all well done, you have done the hardest bit already by ending the relationship.

Go to CAB. You have a lonf slow precess ahead of you but trust me, it will be over before you know it and you will not have any regrets. Your life can only get better now.

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