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Feel such a bad wife

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MadameC Mon 02-Nov-09 16:12:32

I am happily married with kids, went out on a girly night, had way to many drinks, and got very drunk, and snogged a guy, it was only for a brief second, but someone from the same village as me may have seen me as as he passed by straight after, now I feel so BAD, and also afraid that everyone in the village will know and my poor husband does not have any idea, what shall I do? Do I tell him to relieve my guilt, or do I just shut up and put up with the stares in my village, and hope that I start to feel better soon? there is always the possibilty someone will tell him, but I doubt it. I guess part of it for me is that I am generally such a normal, well behaved woman, who is well liked in our village, and feel terrible as I will be branded a bad one for one mistake, I am so ashamed of myself.
I really don't have any excuse for my behaviour only being incredibly stupid and drunk and felt flattered at the attention.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Mon 02-Nov-09 16:36:32

It sounds like a drunken snog that doesn't mean anything.
May be a good idea to tell DH though before anyone else does. He'll probably laugh as it doesn't sound like your normal character. The story does sound a bit teenage when you read it through....wink.

Do people in the village care that much? Probably not. Best not to worry about what they think and laugh it off if anyone says anything. You could always go and apologise to the guy you accidentally snogged and say you were sorry about how drunk you were and hope you didn't embarrass him too much?

Just some thoughts. Hope it sorts its self out.

MadameC Mon 02-Nov-09 16:48:43

Thanks for the replyit has lightened my sadness!!
Yes it does sound teenagery which is why I am so annoyed at myself!! being a grown woman and all.
I am not even sure if the guy from my village saw me, but he did pass by and I was sooo drunk I was not even aware of my surroundings!!
However the guy I kissed (barely)!! I don't even know him, and made a quick exit almost immediatly!!
So now I don't know is it worth the hassel to tell my DH when there may be no need, and I may not have even been seen.
I do feel so stupid and immature, and more so for seeeking reassurance here on mumsnet, but just needed to tell someone, as it has made me upset and angry at myself for being SO silly!!!!

Fizzfiend Mon 02-Nov-09 17:16:18

I would say the opposite - don't tell DH and hope it goes away (which it probably will). If you tell him you kissed someone, he may never trust you again (depending on your DH of course). It could make for a very difficult life, even though you haven't done anything really bad (trust me, you haven't!)

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 07-Nov-09 18:15:19

Yup, if it was barely a kiss and you don't know the guy and you probably weren't seen then its not worth saying anything. I don't think you've done anything really bad here either.

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