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Why doesn't my husband think before he buys?

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worldgonemad72 Mon 02-Nov-09 12:00:09

Hi All

Just a moan really, my dh is really considerate and loving but sometimes he just gets it so wrong.

Ive found out that he's bought me 2 'going out' dresses for crimbo....we never ever go out anywhere.

Its really thoughtful of him and i know i sound ungrateful but i just wish he'd have given me the money so i could of got a load of practical clothes from asda lol. He got me a dress for my birthday and its sat in my wardrobe ever since.

Argh rant over, on christmas morning i'll just say Thanks thats lovely.

Earlybird Mon 02-Nov-09 12:06:26

Sounds as if he wants to get you something lovely (and not the equivalent of a kettle, or something practical/completely unromantic), but has no idea what to get.

Could you do some gentle guiding/suggesting in future so he gets something you'll enjoy more? Or perhaps you could agree in advance to only get a token gift for each other as you'll put all the money that would normally be spent on each other toward a family holiday (or something else wonderful that you all can enjoy)?

PrettyCandles Mon 02-Nov-09 12:16:38

Men often hate clothes-shopping, so it really is sweet that he has done so for you. On Xmas morning put on one of the dresses, say "Oh that's so lovely! Come with me next time to help me choose." - and take him to where you shop.

But don't go browsing and randomly trying things on (ie a typical girly-shop!). Give him an objective: "I need a blue shirt, a pink skirt and a grey dress. No patterns, maybe a bit of fancy trimming." and a budget, you may be pleasantly surprised. When I used to go shopping with dh I always came back with something good. It's the hunter instinct!

PrettyCandles Mon 02-Nov-09 12:17:39

Oh, and wear that birthday dress!

worldgonemad72 Mon 02-Nov-09 12:22:24

Yea i do think it was his way of getting me something nice...maybe its his way of saying stop wearing jeans lol.
Im planning on wearing the birthday dress to my sisters wedding next year.
I wish i hadn't looked now but i can never help myself blush

SexyDomesticatedDad Mon 02-Nov-09 12:30:34

Can't you find another occaision to wear the birthday dress? If it 's the wrong size / fit I could understand you not being so happy - why not put it on ans ay something like where are you taking me and the dress out to then???????

It's odd though some assistants can give you a very hmm look if you buy any ladies clothes. Buy quite a few things for DW and sometimes not quite right but if I take a chance on a good bargain then its OK to take it back for something else.

Stop peeking too wink

Martha1 Mon 02-Nov-09 13:30:54

I'm actually quite envious - my partner got me nothing for my birthday and has already asked me to tell him what to buy me for xmas! Two dresses would be amazing!

worldgonemad72 Mon 02-Nov-09 16:25:48

Hey everyone, been thinking about this alll day. I know im being ungrateful so have decided to do as a poster suggested and ask where he is taking me when i unwrap them. Its our anniversary soon so may suggest trying to get a babysitter so i can wear my birthday dress!

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