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communication breakdown

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GirlWiththeMouseyHair Wed 28-Oct-09 20:42:17

DH and I are total odds, I've become increasingly upset and hurt at what I perceive to be him putting his laptop/playstation/personal needs before anyone and anything else. Generally showing me and our home no respect and being nice to me when he wants sex.

He's just turned on me saying I'm never nice to him, I'm consistently nasty and I have to say I know I have been. I think it's been down to me gettign so upset with his behaviour but of course realise now we're probably behaving badly to each other because we've each felt neglected and just haven't faced up to talking to each other.

He's in the bedroom, I'm upstairs and sobbing - I just want to hug him and apologise but won't accept all the responsibility for us both behaving and feeling this way. I just worry he'll do his usual either silent treatment or will put all the blame back onto me


skinsl Wed 28-Oct-09 22:41:13

if you think you are both to blame, then go and just give him a hug. TALK! don't cry. try and talk about what is wrong. good luck

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