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Can anyone recommend a good lawyer in Birmingham/West Midlands?

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Anxiousmum Wed 15-Jun-05 06:53:08

Dear all,
After a period of difficulties in our marriage, which I have been hoping we would be able to sort out, my husband rather unexpectedly has applied for divorce. I am trying to get over the shock and keep strong for the sake of my little girl, but feel totally alone and vulnerable. My family live very far away and none of my friends have had to go through a divorce. Can anyone recommend a good lawyer in Birmingham- I would be grateful for any suggestions how to find one.

oliveoil Wed 15-Jun-05 13:03:29

No advice I am afraid, but thought I would bump - someone else is bound to.


oliveoil Wed 15-Jun-05 13:31:41

Can't belive this has fell of Active already!


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