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Think i need to split with DP but thinking it maybe hormones

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MillyMaisMummy Tue 27-Oct-09 18:24:25

Im not sure i love my DP any more, but im hoping its hormones and its me just feeling bit wound up.We have a 4 week DD together but im beginning to feel fed up with him.In the beginning when we had DD he was fantastic but what annoys me is the whole him coming home from work crashes on the sofa or plays on the X Box and promptly ignores me.I am now feeling bit redundant.I know he works hard but i don't want to let our relationship slip down the pan. He's very much passive aggressive which isn't helpful either. I've tried talking to im in a way which he wouldn't get upset by but he then ignores what im saying, doesn't say nothing to what I've said or shouts and gets upset.I've tried even buying new undies to spice it up which works for all of 2 mins before he falls asleep on the sofa.I feel a bit stuck now as i don't know what to think.Sometimes i feel i love him and sometimes i don't know.It doesn't help that he jokingly takes the piss out of my post-preg/c section tummy.ive told him it upsets me as my body confidence is shot but he says oh your being horemonal.Im hoping its horemones. And now hes got a letter throught the post from the CSA from a women who at the time slept with 8 men (Im not being bitchy she actually told us!) and DP was one of them (we wernt together then) and she is asking for child support-however she did say that she decided it was DP as he was a "soft touch2 and she knew he'd "pay out"-actual quote from her.I said to him he should of sorted this situation out years ago when it arose then instead of buring his head in the sand.I suppose that situation isnt helping with what i am feeling right now.Hes great with DD and when hes great hes fantatsic to me.Its got to be my horemones right? What do i do?

ZZZenAgain Tue 27-Oct-09 18:33:01

ok put the woman from the past out of the equation for now, dh will have to deal with that finding out if the baby is his and all the rest

Look, you have to give it more time. Honestly 4 weeks after birth is nothing. I'm surprised it isn't you falling asleep on the sofa in the evenings tbh. Why is he so tired, is he working extra hours or is he waking up at night when the baby awakes and then just whacked after a full (normal) day's work?

It takes time to build up life as a family as opposed to life as a couple.

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