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argh - sex, feel like we're 16, any tips?

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Marmaladenotmarmite Tue 27-Oct-09 17:21:43

Namechanger for obvious reasons.

Im currently 7 months pregnant and partner and I have been together 4 years. I also have a 5 yr old ds from my marriage.

We used to have a really good sex life, because we lived separately, used to go on dates a lot and were quite adventurous. Since we moved in together and now don't have babysitting (exH is 300 miles away and never has ds overnight) dates out are infrequent and sex is crappy!

When we do now we're both knackered, (we both work full time as well as the pregnancy and having ds), its late at night and usually its a quick in out job. I can't come from 'just intercourse' and when we have pentrative sex it doesn't last long enough that if he did do anything else at same time I'd get anywhere!

I'm starting to get resentful and feel like I'm being used for him to have a w3(k!

So, I just get bored if he does stuff to me first and then we have sex, it seems so 'paint by numbers' and it takes time and I JUST WANT TO COME THROUGH SEX!!!

Any advice as at the moment I'm avoiding the whole thing I'm so resentful.

JugularPiggy Tue 27-Oct-09 17:31:38

is he aware of how you are feeling? could it be he is feeling differently about sex as you are pregnant?

its the resentment that will do the most damage so I think you need to talk about it sooner rather than later.

you don't need to go out to go on a date. you just have to make the time for each other. i know it sounds simple and its difficult if you are both working full time and are knackered from the pregnancy but book the time in to spend together and not just to have sex!

Malificence Tue 27-Oct-09 20:52:27

Stick a delaying condom on him, or some delay spray, or even a cock ring?
Depends how long you "need" to get into your groove, (at least 15 minutes if you're anything like me).
Is being 7 months gone problematic, position wise though? as the best for you would be you on top and controlling his orgasm by you setting the pace.wink
Anything that involves him NOT thrusting his hips will be helpful in him lasting longer, as will a couple of beers.

Coming too soon won't be very satisfying for him either you know. The longer sex goes on, the stronger HIS orgasm too.wink

You're in a vicious circle, he's trigger happy due to not much sex and tiredness will be a factor as well.

Talk to him and try to find a mutually satisfying solution.

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