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any man have heart surgery????

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radtink Mon 26-Oct-09 01:32:45

My DP had a triple bypass, doctor didn't tell us much about recovery, he is 50, I am 40..the only restriction they gave him was no lifting over 10 lbs and no driving for three weeks. It has been 2 weeks, he is up to walking a mile a day, still napping lots during the day. He is on all kinds of meds. His was not a heart attack, it was angina and was discovered during a cardiac cath that he had to get the bypass. Before the surgery our sex life was booming!!! for the past 5 days, he has felt physically really good and has wanted to start trying to have sex...he cannot sustain an erection for more than 5 minutes and even at that, its not even full enough to perform. He is VERY upset now and freaking out!! He thinks that I am going to leave him because he will never be able to perform again. He is on nitrates so cannot use anything at this point. They are releasing him for work on a half day basis next week and told him to resume somewhat normal activities in this was his first priority all along in recovering...a normal sex life again. He has not discussed this with his doctor yet. Anyone have any advice? How long did you wait? Could you function again?

Harebelle Mon 26-Oct-09 08:00:00

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bear99 Sat 31-Oct-09 13:25:08

Hi radtink, I'm 52 had the same procedure 2 years ago..Now its not been long since the op ,I went through the same effects, so take a deep breath.. After a couple of weeks I too felt ready for nookie , but no , this realy got to me. We men expect things to work properly straight away after they have been fixed, like a washing machine with a new part,but humans take a bit longer and the meds also have an effect. I was getting worried ,would it ever work again , after all to a chap the "bits" are our best mate/brain/scratching post etc,would Mrs bear go elsewere and all the other rotten thoughts got me down at first.
Bear in mind we're thinking of nookie already and not allowed to drive a car yet !
Once I realised this and of course there are other ways of satisfying Mrs Bear (Galaxy chocolate ,shopping trips and romantic meals )things felt better and over time got better.After 2 months I was able to get a useable erection. I can only offer this advice, keep up the gentle but progressive exercise, keep an eye on the diet and see your GP to discuss this .
Mrs Bear is very supportive and helped with the weekly "ahem" hardness testing, this kept things light hearted.
Now a word of warning.... erections do come back,for me it was like a teenager all over again, Mrs Bear was very pleased.

It is early days yet he's been through a lot but has a lot to look fowrard too, tell him to keep his pecker up ( so to speak) every day is better than the one before.

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