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Anyone had couple counselling?

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npg1 Sun 25-Oct-09 20:32:03

Oh and I are not having a good time at the mo. There are alot of issues between us. He is very ambicious, works away in the week while I stay home and look after the kids. He thinks I do nothing all day and barely pays an interest in what I do. He always talks about himself, saying I dont do anything with my life which is why he doesnt ask me. I have now put up barriers and dont want to talk to him. He talks to me like im a piece of sh*t and I feel he has no respect for me.

I know this is only my side of the story and I have my own faults too. I dont ask him about his job and pay little interest in what he is doing, this is mainly because all I hear about is his job. I am also on Anti D's because I get quite down.

We spoke this afternoon and I told him lots of things about how I feel, why im off sex etc etc but im not sure he gets it. I have said I want us to see a counsellor but he doesnt want to.

We have now agreed to see one after xmas if things dont improve but I have explained to him that we both have to make a huge effort with each other. I would feel alot happier talking with a counsellor there as he wont be able to talk me down or talk over me then and maybe I would be able to get my points across but I worry where we would start and how emotional it would be.

Thanks for reading.

Poohbearsmom Sun 25-Oct-09 21:23:30

Sorry things r goin crap 4 ye... Im feelin a bit da same myself, i jus dont know how my boys will respect me when their dad doesnt most of the time, he really truely always thinks he's right& im not... The root of our problems (i think) is the fact i was quite young when we met & he was older & wiser bla bla bla, he really did teach me alot (i was a bit of a wild, stupid,nieve, clueless young1) but Im not now... Nd i cant go thru life a bloody student i hav to b considered an equal partner like, but I dono how to shake it outa him... it upsets me so much too cause these r supposed to b our other halfs right... Dono how to fix my own so wouldnt b any use to u but I really hope it works out for ya...

npg1 Sun 25-Oct-09 21:41:24

Hi, thanks for ur post. U sound just like me, we met when I was 17, h was older than me. I have grown up alot since then!

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