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Redundant husbands and eggshells and being in the firing line RANT

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carocaro Sat 24-Oct-09 13:12:50

It's been 2.5 months since he was made redundant. He is getting into a bit of a moping pattern, I lost it on Friday as he was making toast at 11.50am, he'd been up since 8am and said he had not had chance to make and eat it!

He then accused me of badgering him with lists and to do job, which by the way he asked me to do to keep him busy. Things like painting, clearing the shed, which are I admit not that exciting.

He has had a couple of interviews and seen lots of potential people about new business etc, so I cannot accuse him of being lazy of the job seeking front.

But the frigging faffing about the house is driving me nuts, with two small kids and worries about money, I am doing my best, but my sympathy is running dry, I can't do right for doing wrong, with what I say or do.

If I find him on the sofa watching Sky Sport News again I may just shove the remore control down his throat.

I am trying to be supportive, it's not pleasant what happened to him, but I am feeling it too, it's just too all one way at the moment.

TDiddy Sun 25-Oct-09 08:03:01

Hi Caro- so sorry to hear about redundancy as I know that it is a shock. Been there not so long ago.

Is there a way that you two can jogg or play a sport together? Can you train for 10k run together. Evene if you sometimes have to train separately, you will have a common goal. Having a common goal will help you to bond but you probably both need the endorphins and de stressing.

Also, Are you both at home? If so, could you get a few hours a week temp work whilst he is at home.

Looking for a job is like a full time job so he needs to have some structure to his day. Say do it routinely from 10 to 1pm.

Good idea to fix things round the house that you would never have the chance to otherwise fix- makes you feel that you have a measure of control.

carocaro Tue 27-Oct-09 13:05:18

Thanks T-Diddy, we are going to start bike riding on the 2 days DS2 is a pre-school, for as long as that lasts with what £ we have left, it's the last thing I want to give up as DS2 loves it.

I have looked for temp work, bar, waitress, supermarket etc, but there is literelly nothing, even the women at Boots sais he had no idea why they had a big posted in the window asking for xmas temp staff as they did not need any!

He has gone to his Mums with DS1 and I have been to mine with DS2, to give each other some space, hopefuly this will help us both.

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