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I opened my big mouth....

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anonymous85 Sat 24-Oct-09 07:07:27

I've offended a close friend of mine and feeling bad, she's always very honest blunt and borderline rude herself so it's interesting her reaction! I come out with something out of line and feeling bad, I've texted apologising and she hasn't responded. I was thinking maybe I just shouldn't have apologised? We were chatting a while after I said it, just on msn and it was fine, maybe I should have let sleeping dogs lie. Anyways lesson learn't keep my opinions to myself!

She is single and looking to buy, she's lucky her parents are giving her 20 grand for her to buy a unit! She spends each paypacket on clothes and shit and hasn't saved a deposit herself and and will be paying a mortgage twice her rent. That's her business though, no one has said anything, her parents are supporting the idea so she should be right.

Anyways where I opened my big mouth, she's found this unit. It's in a real shitty area, one of the lowest suburbs around where prostitutes are and renowned to be one of the dingiest areas. I know she wants to be further out closer to the beach and bigger shopping centres. The house is pink weatherboard and old as, inside it's dark and everything about it is old and dank and dated and everything is pink. I know why she's wanting it becuase it is closer to town, and other girlfriends even her bestie are encouraging her to move closer to her work (which isn't out in the sticks - everythings here and the areas taking off). We're looking to buy too and I've sent her a couple links if I've seen some nice ones around our area, less than 5 year old places, in a really nice safe areas less than 10 mins from her work, brand new everything and look fab. Only sent 3 links and she said she didn't like the areas so I didn't send anymore after that.

For some reason last night I ended up saying last night, the house she has her heart on is old, pink and dark and she got all defencive. I don't know why I came out with it, I usually hold things back. We chatted and she got over the defensiveness, and was all good, later I felt bad because I knew it was out of line, it's her decision she is an adult and I wouldn't like to be told that so in the morning I texted and apologised and she hasnt responded. We're living in an old dark house ourselves and it is shit and depressing and can't wait to get out of here! I told her that too, explaining. She can get such a nicer house - 100x better almost brand new close to her work and 30 grand cheaper and not in that shitty area. I know it's her business, shouldn't have blabbed what I thought about it. Feeling like shit for saying it and her not talking

thesockmonsterofdoom Sat 24-Oct-09 07:30:08

she might just be busy, where are you? thats just me being nosy and has no bearingt at all on your post.
I would leazve it till tonight and then call her if it were me. your right it is her choice where she buys, but she might not have thought of the things you pointed out. or maybe she just loves your dark house so much she wants her own grin.
You sound like a good friend for worrying so much.

echt Sat 24-Oct-09 07:41:06

Are you in Australia? Something about the vocabulary suggests it: suburb, weatherboard, beach.

anonymous85 Sat 24-Oct-09 08:00:32

I just checked my mobile and she sent a message and she's all good yay feel better now All that over nothing blush She said it's ok she's use to people giving their opinion and it's cool I'll love it when I see it inside irl and about the weekend

haha echt I am an Aussie

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