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Dating a separated man - bound to rebound?

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blackcoffee Thu 22-Oct-09 20:58:13

From what I gather, there is quite a common history of relationships with men around the time of a divorce failing once his divorce comes through, almost as if the man wants to distance himself from anything associated with it. Does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) of this situation? I am involved with a man who has been separated for a couple of years but has put off divorcing until now. He is very mixed up about his feelings.

BrokenFlipFlop Thu 22-Oct-09 21:23:02

Has he chosen to wait for 2 yrs in order to make the divorce process very quick/simple? Just a thought, but my exH and I deliberately (sp) waited for 2 yrs so that we didn't need to be state a specific reason for the breakdown of the marriage.

blackcoffee Thu 22-Oct-09 21:28:37

No, although that of course will be the case. Male procrastination. He had paperwork ready and was keen to put down adultery when it all kicked off, but since they have changed addresses, it has simmered down and not so vindictive, he maintains the main issue is not getting round to paperwork but has recently admitted he is terrified of raking up the hurt

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