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Sex my partner and I have two young children under 4 we dont do the do very much

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holidayyesplease Thu 22-Oct-09 20:49:18

is this common or should I address it as Im worried now.

AllyOodle Thu 22-Oct-09 23:01:57

Do you want to do it more? Does he?
There's a big difference between not doing it much, and never doing it.

holidayyesplease Fri 23-Oct-09 09:33:39

we hardly do it as wse both are to tires he works long hours and when we are together we have the kids in our bed hardly romantic.

isitreallythattime Sun 01-Nov-09 18:20:54

Your not alone!! Wondering if we will ever resume normality. Mind you, what is normality when you have children and always on the edge because your shattered!

diddl Sun 01-Nov-09 18:29:43

I would say if you´re both OK with it, don´t stress.

Hold hands, have cuddles to show affection.

How much is not much?

We dwindled to once a month on occasions.

Then we found early mornings worked better for a while, for example.

lovechoc Sun 01-Nov-09 18:33:06

twice a week on average for us, although can do days without it due to DHs shiftwork. He gets so tired and sometimes I get upset about it. never going to fall pg with second baby at this rate....

Hope things sort themselves out for you. How often do you DTD?

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