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Anyone else with a possibly Narcissistic parent?

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silentcatastrophe Thu 22-Oct-09 16:33:34

My mum has dementia and my dad is her prime carer. My dad is a dreadful bully and a master of control freakery. I was looking up narcissism and it seems to fit the bill rather well, although I realise that a diagnosis is unlikely.

After the summer, my mum became very confused and lost and looked like an anorexic coathanger. My brother and I tried to to get Power of Attorney sorted out, but due to an unsigned form, could not do it. My father, needless to say, has not said a word about it, or what he is thinking of doing.

I have spent the past couple of months very worried about my mum, knowing how my father has treated me and other children.

I feel better today, but it has been so harrowing and horrible, and it is not good when everyone spends their time pacifying my father at the expense of my mother. My head has been feeling as though it might explode, and to boot, I have developed what looks like asthma.

How do other people cope with the lunacy? I can't quite get my head round it, desptite 40+ years of practice. History repeating.

wanttostartafresh Fri 23-Oct-09 18:17:39

Yes, am sure my dad has NPD (amongst other mental disorders) and my mother is like a scared rabbit. I have cut both my parents out of my life. They were never going to change and their treatment of me was having a hugely negative effect on my own family (DH and DC's). The best decision I ever made was to walk away from them and unravel the mess they had left me in and put myself back together for the sake of my own family. It has been incredibly hard, but worth it and the only option in my case.

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