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think i want to leave but dont know how

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yummytummy Thu 22-Oct-09 11:05:21

well i guess title says it all. have been having a lot of problems in relationship and this week has just been a nightmare. its impossible to talk to husband without it escalating into a torrent of abuse against me. he alwyas manages to turn everything around with clever arguments to make it all my fault.

the clincher yesterday was that "its a womans job to make it a pleasant atmosphere at home as he's worked hard all day" um excuse me i have been at work too plus done all house jobs put ds to bed etc etc. then i was crying and got v upset so was being sick then he shouted through bathroom door that i was just lazy and useless.

havnt been able to sleep all week and am worried about taking sleeping pills as please dont laugh had been trying to get pregnant. am now at work and feel sick and tired of it all.

cant be in this atmosphere any more

dont know what next steps are

please help as feel v desperate and almost just want to take ds and go

NicknameTaken Thu 22-Oct-09 11:27:01

Don't get pregnant!

It sounds to me like you need a bit of space to clear your head. Have you any way of getting access to some counselling? Or a wise friend you can talk to in RL? It might be the right decision to leave, but your decision-making is not necessarily at its best when you're all wound up and lacking sleep.

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