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Really upset about my parents

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poshsinglemum Sun 18-Oct-09 19:38:22

Sorry- it's me again I'm afraid. I have been posting a lot recently and using mn as a bit of an emotional crutch.

My parents have really upset me today. I have been in a real grump and taking it out on them (not good I know).
However, I did apologise and admit what I had done wrong but they just will not accept my apologies and throw them back in my face with ''Well yeas you are a nasty piece of work'' sort of attitude.

A couple of weeks ago my mum accidently took too much medication(see another thread) and my dad was so angry at me getting him out of bed to help her that he was charging me like a bull while I was holding my daughter. I kid you not. He then has the nerve to say that I have been aggressive ever since I was born (even though mum beat me up when I was a kid). He just seems to resent me since the year dot and I feel very uspset. Whereas tmy sister can do no wrong. I feel that his dislike of me started in my teenage years when I got a mind of my own.

colditz Sun 18-Oct-09 19:45:08

I think you need to cut contact, at least for now, because they are doing you nogood.

Rely on your friends a bit. Stop thinking of your parents as people you should be able to rely on, and you won't feel so gutwrenchingly disappointed when they turn out to be unreliable.

They sund like a pair of cocks, and you being ina grump is no surprise given how your dad treated you.

6feetundertheGroundhogs Sun 18-Oct-09 22:28:30

No probs PSM, that's a tough situation to go through.

Inclined to agree with colditz. Take a break from them all.

Twintummy Sun 18-Oct-09 22:49:33

Don't know your history but sounds like you need a break.

Mummiehunnie Mon 19-Oct-09 12:27:24


posted on here myself, I have decided to take a break from my parents also, I think it may be permanent, but not sure!

As a single parent with no partner or interested father for your kids, it is nice to have ideas to bounce off other adults that are interested, so the automatic people to lean on are our parents.

What are you going to do?

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