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does anyone else just want out? but is stuck?

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sickofitallnow Sat 17-Oct-09 11:56:16

just fed up of being treated like poo,being made to feel like the relationship failing is all my told this morning that we werent going out today afterall because he doesnt like spending time with me and doesnt love me anymore although its always twisted round thats its my fault because i dont love him anymore or whatever.will probably say later he didnt mean it but it will get said again
we have a dd3 and im 30 weeks pregnant with dd2.been together 9 years and i am stuck anyway,hes the earner im a sahm.i have no savings or anything.just so angry with myself for putting myself in this awful situation of being so reliant on someone.
i just want to walk out and never look back

sorry just needed to get off my chest
ive name changed as am a regular.

tiredoftherain Sat 17-Oct-09 13:21:36

Oh, you poor thing. Please don't think you're stuck, my situation was similar but I've got out. Your rights are very strong as a SAHM and primary carer of 2 small dc's. You will be fine if that's what you choose to do.

Do any friends or family know what's going on?

overmydeadbody Sat 17-Oct-09 13:25:28

Of course you are not stuck!!!

Just leave. You only have one life. You don;t need him or his money. Start channeling that anger into actually leaving.

sickofitallnow Sat 17-Oct-09 23:40:36

can anyone tell me how i would go about "getting out" when i have nowhere to go,i mean i could stay here until something was sorted but how does it work? do i go to the council and say we are breaking up? i dont think theyd exactly class it as priority?
when we argue he always says we need to sort out me moving out and "have fun living on benefits in your council house" attitude and my blood boils because thats his children he is putting in that situation and if it werent for the fact i am carrying his child and have a child by him i wouldnt be in the position of having no work etc...........just feel very sad about it.this is not what i wanted from life sad

lilacclaire Sun 18-Oct-09 01:30:45

Contact womens aid first, they will advise you the best place to start.

cathcat Sun 18-Oct-09 01:42:52

I may be wrong but I think if you approach the council as someone with a young child and pregnant needing housing, you would be offered something fairly quickly. Trouble is, it may not be in a desirable area IYSWIM.
You could try getting some legal advice - your DH may be obliged to pay some of your rent if you took on a private rent. Contact the housing department at the council for advice, they should be able to give you information over the phone.
Good luck in what you decide.

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