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the enemy within

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fatgit Sun 12-Jun-05 17:26:24

thats what dh called me. he also used the term bitch. he obviously meant it.
what did i do wrong? i dint manage to get him to pay attention to me when i needed to tell him something. why do men do this? ignore you, then be angry coz they dont know whats happening. and i was having a moan to my mom. not the daily mail.
why are men so thick? and where do i go from here??

kama Sun 12-Jun-05 17:27:31

Message withdrawn

happymerryberries Sun 12-Jun-05 17:29:02

Agree, sit down and discuss it with him, make it clear that this isn't an acceptable way for him to talk to you.

fatgit Sun 12-Jun-05 17:31:36

when kama? the whole problem is that he is always working. and even when it seems that he isnt, he isnt interested in talking to me. apparently i nag him i f i try to talk to him about something.
in this instance it was a holiday. my parents want us all to g o with them. they will pay for it. but he says he cant afford it. etc. well, they are paying for it. no one is asking him for any money contributions, just the pleasure of his company. but he just goes on and on about how busy he is.oh, and the kids he never bothers with.. and the tax return he hasnt done.

kama Sun 12-Jun-05 17:32:30

Message withdrawn

fatgit Sun 12-Jun-05 17:33:13

well, when he was yelling at me, i was either quiet, or saying i would talk to him when he was calmer, and that i had tried to talk to him previously but he was to busy. he just kept yelling at me more. whether i was quiet, or not.

Tortington Sun 12-Jun-05 18:05:36

i find a glass of cold water help to stop a hyserical man moment. however itmight not help the situation! its just what i do sometimes.

gaelsgirl Sun 12-Jun-05 18:20:06

look at him, and in strictest mummy voice, say "somebody needs a nap"

Tortington Sun 12-Jun-05 18:35:23


gaelsgirl Sun 12-Jun-05 18:47:23

doesnt always work in the right way but it's great watching the reaction!

fatgit Sun 12-Jun-05 18:55:16

must try that. the tgit has gone out right now. god knows where. but knowing him, it will be work related.

mytwopenceworth Sun 12-Jun-05 19:15:14

just wondered about seeing his pov. are there money worries in which case he could feel ashamed of what he may see as 'handouts'? it can make someone seem very unreasonable when all it is is them feeling bad. or does he get on well with your parents, maybe he doesnt want to go on holiday with them? or could he be feeling depressed? maybe if your starting point is spending time to understand where he is coming from you will have more success.

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