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freeasabird/soontobefree Update

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freeasabird Wed 14-Oct-09 14:45:54

just thought id give an update on my situation as i had a lot of support and good advice back in the spring.

Its nearly 6 months down the line,and im almost divorced,(papers have been filed and signed hes admitted adultery and just waiting for judge to give date now).

Me and the DC are very happy and calm and settled,the house is filled with laughter and is nice and peaceful.

unfortunately XH is being a toe rag,i had begging emails a couple of weeks ago and i caught him parked on my street stalking doing nothing, ive had the tears the tantrums,the not picking DD up from school 3 times and blaming it on me,the not turning up on time,messing around and general controlling nasty behaviour from him.

ive also had nasty emails,telephone callsetc which seemed to have stopped after i told him i would be seeking a restraining order if he didnt stop.


i am so much happier,have dropped tons of weight,wake up looking forward to the day instead of counting the hours till bed time, and best of all i have a new "friend",someone ive known for a very long time,its just friendship at the moment but we are spending time together and he is making me smile and laugh again.

thanks to all of you who supported me and gave me brilliant advice,i am proof that you can leave an emotional abuser,its not been easy at all but i can see light at the end of the tunnel. smile

Malificence Wed 14-Oct-09 14:50:25

That should give great hope to anyone trapped in a similar situation - good for you.

kittywise Wed 14-Oct-09 14:53:39

I don't think I remember your initial thread but wanted to say very well done. When I read posts like yours i know there is hope for me in the futuresmile

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